Andrew Cuomo’s Big Role

Thursday April 9th 2020

Craggy-faced Andrew Cuomo — Sun-Saturn in Sagittarius.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings about the Coronavirus have become comfort-viewing for millions over the past few weeks.

As he sits behind the great big wooden desk in New York’s state capital Albany every day and calmly explains the numbers, the plan and the program, he exudes competence, responsibility and sometimes issue a stern warning. In short, he’s the daddy many of us need right now; the daddy who can pilot the broken plane, steer the sinking ship to harbour, rescue the economy, and stay calm as stone yet emotionally real at the same time.

In a recent poll, 85% of voters said they like what they saw.

The contrast with the White House press briefings would be funny if the situation were not so very deadly.

Traditionally, there are two kinds of king astrological — generous Jupiter and stern Saturn. And in life, sometimes we want one, and sometimes we want the other. It helps for a leader to have a combination of the two.

No birth time.

Cuomo was born on 6 December 1957 (no birth time) with a close conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius. That conjunction can give a person natural authority, especially as they get older. But it’s in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign, so it’s warmer than your usual Sun-Saturn conjunction.

Cuomo’s Jupiter is in political Libra, so he’s a political boss, with a big dose of charm.

He was born on the day Venus changed signs from Capricorn to Aquarius, and the Moon was full in Gemini, the sign of storytellers.

During the outbreak, Saturn has been on his Venus — either at 29° Capricorn or 0° Aquarius. I suspect 0° Aquarius, because Saturn made a conjunction with that point on in the last week of March, and so did Mars around March 30-31. Venus is our charm, our allure — and Venus in Aquarius can be simply popular, have mass appeal.

Normally, Saturn coming to Venus might have a cooling effect, but when a person is Saturnian anyway, it turns out to be reassuring.

The other hugely significant outer planet aspect for Cuomo is the fact that Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn makes a square to his natal Jupiter. And again, instead of blocking that lucky political Jupiter or making him fall down a hole, it’s empowered him.

This may be because he’s dealing with a crisis, and he rises to that. His natal Pluto (a planet of life or death) at 2° Virgo makes some good aspects, a perfect trine to Mercury in Capricorn (communicating with authority), and a sextile to Neptune in Scorpio (death TV!). It also squares his Moon in Gemini, again that’s a hard aspect and you might expect him to fail as communicator with this. But, in fact, his familiar Tony Soprano delivery makes him believable.

It’s fascinating that his Hygeia — the asteroid of hygiene (obvs) — is in the warrior sign Aries, and receiving a transit from Chiron, the doctor, but also the illness. And by transit, Hygeia is approaching his Moon in Gemini.

If his Venus is at 0° Aquarius, this is going to be quite a year from him — and come December he could be celebrating. What’s more the eclipse cycle is moving into Gemini-Sagittarius, so his life is going to accelerate some more in 2020.



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  1. Antony L Milner says:

    Worth noting also. Chris Cuomo, Andrew’s younger brother and CNN host, has his Leo Sun conjunct Mars. Seeing Andrew with his Sun Saturn in Sag jockeying, in a friendly sibling rivalry way, with his younger brother has been a been a brighter moment in these dark times.

  2. Kimmy Hicks♓️❤️🌎🙂☮️🍀🧜🏻‍♀️ says:

    Thank you 🙏😎🇺🇸❤️🌎☮️🍀🙂♓️