The Mystery of the Missing Prime Minister

Wednesday April 22nd 2020

An odd feature of the current crisis — in this country — is the fact that the head of government has been missing for most of the time. Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to take the pandemic seriously back in February, missing five meetings on the subject, taking two weeks’ holiday and generally fannying about. He quickly caught the illness himself and retired from the field of battle at the end of March. Now, although apparently recovered, he is still not in evidence.

This is par for the course at the moment, since the United Kingdom has not had an effective government since June 2016, when the country voted in an advisory referendum for Brexit.  That is likely an effect of Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023/4). Pluto can create a bit of a black hole — and the UK Sun is in Capricorn on the IC at 10°, and the Moon is in Cancer at 19°. So Pluto’s been transiting both Lights for some time (although now well past), and the critical MC/IC axis.

If you go back as far as 2008, when Pluto first went into Capricorn, there’s still an issue with the prime minister. At that time it was Gordon Brown for Labour, who had stepped into Tony Blair’s shoes without actually having been elected. He was followed by Conservative David Cameron, who failed to win the election outright and had to go into coalition for five years. Then Cameron won, called the referendum, and resigned within six months. Then Theresa May stepped into his shoes without getting elected, called an election and got even fewer votes.

My partner reminded me that after the Tories won the election in December, I kept on muttering about how odd the astrology was. How could Johnson win but not be in power? Or how win but be weak? It made no sense to me at the time, since they’d just won a majority. Spookily, the picture I used for that article was of the angel of death. It’s also worth revisiting some of the predictions by other astrologers about the election, since those too make more sense in the current crisis. Note the picture I chose for that article.

Now, we have a Prime Minister who’s most notable for his absence at a time of national crisis. The gods have stepped in and plucked him away from the scene and his government is struggling to cope with the pandemic. When Saturn went into Aquarius on March 22, the lockdown began, Johnson got ill — and the planet of rules started opposing the UK’s Jupiter in Leo in the 10th, which looks like a governing elite.

Johnson is likely having a horrible time, with Uranus still in opposition to his Moon, and Neptune on his Chiron. The latter is a classic transit for serious infection, or illness, and he must have had a real struggle in intensive care.

If his birth time is right (I suspect it’s too early), the jolting New Moon in Taurus tomorrow is bang opposite his Moon in Scorpio. That looks upsetting too, but maybe he’s about to emerge again. He’s just had a once-in-18-years nodal return, which may be a rebirth of sorts. Let’s hope his brush with death has made him a humbler and more compassionate man.


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  1. Vesta says:

    “Neptune on his Chiron. The latter is a classic transit for serious infection, or illness,”

    I remember reading this post, but I don’t remember this bit. My Chiron is 19 Pisces, tr Neptune has just passed it, it’s at 21 Pisces now. So I was right to be extremely cautious! [touch wood] I don’t think I’ve had covid yet. If I had it without symptoms, I wouldn’t know. I trusted my instincts, I listened to the experts and did everything they said. 🙂 My Chiron is trine my Neptune, so I wonder if that has some bearing? I have a long term chronic illness, so I’m already living with something. I can’t imagine making it worse, it’s not worth the risk.

    “Pluto can create a bit of a black hole”

    That’s where we are. When I had Pluto transit my IC, it was like I was looking into an abyss. At its worst, I felt like I’d been thrown down a deep well. I remember thinking I had a choice, either focus on the dark or look for light. It was so pitch dark, I couldn’t see anything at first, then in my mind’s eye, I saw a tiny dot of light. So I focused on it. Gradually, things started to turn around.

    I had to make a conscious choice though. I’ll think about this. See if there’s a way I can relate it to the the country. Or maybe someone reading this has some thoughts?

    “Let’s hope his brush with death has made him a humbler and more compassionate man.”

    This is the bit that stayed with me. I wondered if his experience would change him. Looks like it didn’t. When I found the tiny dot of light in the dark, I held it close in my heart. I still do. As Pluto reassembled me, it rebuilt me around this light.

    How do we get a country to choose light? Not sink into despair? Our media is going with denial. I don’t think that’s helping.