Dominic Cummings: Brazen Serpent

Sunday May 24th 2020

The British Prime Minister’s Machiavelli, Dominic Cummings, is in trouble — even though his “boss” is backing him.

This huge lie on the side of bus was one of Cummings Brexit ideas. Indeed, he said later that he thought it had swung the vote — and that it wasn’t true. Classic Sun-Neptune in Sag.

The serpentine Cummings is a close equivalent to ex-White House advisor Steve Bannon. Indeed, they are said to be in frequent touch. Cummings’ great triumph was the Brexit campaign, during which he managed to persuade just over half British voters that leaving the EU was a jolly clever idea. And yes, he’s somehow involved in all the Cambridge Analytica stuff, which has yet to be resolved.

When Boris Johnson became prime minister Cummings came along as  “special advisor”. Some people say he has more power than any elected politician — including Johnson himself.

Well, since the start of the pandemic, his advice has turned out to be deadly. We will see how history judges decisions made by the government, but there’s little doubt that their initial pursuit of “herd immunity”, championed by Cummings, cost many lives, and the lack of strategic planning for PPE, quarantine and testing, cost more.

However, this week, something turned out to be absolutely certain. Cummings flouted government health directives repeatedly. He drove halfway across the country with his sick wife, when the government advice was: “Stay at home. Save lives.”  And went to stay with his elderly parents, when we were told not to visit our own relatives.

It’s extraordinarily arrogant, but then apparently he is.

No birth time. This is a sunrise chart.

Cummings chart is perfect for a spin-doctor, manipulator of data and ideas person. His is vocation, his ego, his heart, that is the Sun, is in the sign of publicity, Sagittarius, precisely conjoined by Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion, gossip, slander. In fact, he has five planets in Sagittarius, the sign of big ideas, grand plans, and, sometimes, hot air and intellectual superiority. I expect he fully believes the myth he has created for himself (Sun-Neptune) — of his own genius (again Sagittarius territory). Also, he really doesn’t care what people think about him or say about him. Jupiter in Sag is super-confident, and it’s bolstered by all those other planets.

He’s said to be horribly rude in person — and shouty. With all those planets in Sag, perhaps that’s not surprising. He must have a huge, overwhelming personality. He’s been described as a “career psychopath”.

What’s striking about the timing of the series of revelations is the New Moon in Gemini on May 23. It was opposite his Sun-Neptune, and on his Saturn in Gemini, which makes a close and easy aspect-pattern with his politically power-hungry Pluto. In fact, Pluto eases that central opposition. Apparently one of his ambitions is to break the civil service (Pluto in Libra). As the New Moon sailed over his Saturn, the story broke that he’d run to daddy (Saturn) as soon as he got ill. This was the weekend of March 27, a few days after Saturn had entered Aquarius and started to trine his natal Saturn and Pluto.

The government defence of Cummings also centres around his own role as daddy.

‘This was a test of the Prime Minister and he has failed it.

‘It is an insult to sacrifices made by the British people that Boris Johnson has chosen to take no action against Dominic Cummings. The public will be forgiven for thinking there is one rule for the Prime Minister’s closest adviser and another for the British people.

‘The Prime Minister’s actions have undermined confidence in his own public health message at this crucial time.’
— Keir Starmer, Leader of the 
Opposition quoted in the Daily Mail

The recent New Moon has been going over a stellium in Gemini which opposes Cummings own Sagittarius stellium. It’s just gone past Venus Rx (secrets) and Mercury (news). One of the other revelations has been that Cummings wife, a journalist, published an article about their lockdown, which seems to be, in retrospect, deliberately misleading.

Another interesting transit is Mars through Pisces, which made a hard square to Cummings natal Sag-Gem opposition, and will soon contact his own Mars in Pisces. It’s setting this whole T-square on fire. He’s bound to come out fighting, spraying shot in every direction.

If you’re not a fan of Cummings, you should be quite worried by him right now. He has a real plan (Pallas in Taurus), which the pandemic has opened up an opportunity to implement. Saturn transiting Aquarius could give him the opportunity to detonate that Pluto in Libra either now, or in December. This could be why Johnson’s not sacking him, despite his own party and the usually supportive right wing press in revolt.

The usual political manouevre would be better: sack him, and then get him back for Christmas. He’s going to be causing all kinds of scandal in 2020. Keeping him on now may bring death by a thousand cuts later. Sometimes in politics, it’s good to have made a few friends.

Remember, the eclipses of 2020 are in Sagittarius and Gemini. The first one is coming up soon (June 5) — and it’s right on that ultra-confident Jupiter in Sagittarius. Maybe, Mr Cummings is about to be brought down a peg — even if he’s survived tonight. His reputation (Jupiter) may never recover: we’re already in that eclipse zone.

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  1. thank you for writing this blog post quickly when we are all fuming at him.

    I wonder about Boris with the Sag / Gemini eclipses as well and also remember your old blog post about the crisis of the dying Tory Party from about a year ago. Will either survive this year in the end?

    Going to be interesting watching astrology and politics coming up this year

    • Christina says:

      Yeah — we’ve got those eclipses into 2021. Tory Party death is a prolonged thing — although of course it’s like the Voldemort — you kill it and then it comes back again.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    Was just looking at his chart myself. The moon could be in Aquarius or Pisces – I favour the former given his lack of social skills, willingness to upset a room and really not caring what people think of him. That Sag Sun/Neptune opposition to Saturn will see rules as being for others and I guess he constantly feels held back by them – especially as a boundless Sag.

    I read a while ago the suggestion that Boris has needed him to succeed in his political career. Boris is the classic Gemini casting around, full of ideas and trying them all. Saggy Cummings is the one who’s able to bring all that energy together and give it direction. I suspect Boris’s Scorpio moon is being too loyal though and Uranus. So many alternative ways to handle it – get Cummings up on stage for a tearful apology, Boris say “he’s too important at this stage of pandemic” (like the Scots did with their lockdown breaker), or as you say sack him, still get advice and bring him back in six weeks time. Honestly don’t know why he didn’t do the last.

    The one good thing is that nobody else wants Cummings around. The opposition parties know how dependent Boris is on him. Remain members of the Tory party dislike him for Brexit. And there are good many voters from both sides who are livid about this whole situation. And the journalists are staying with it (for now) – think they’ll keep digging now.

    • Christina says:

      I agree about the Aquarian Moon.

      Just watched the fatal press conference. He admitted everything, apologised for nothing, and clearly can’t understand why he’s wrong. Also there were a lot of outright lies, and he inadvertently admitted to several more breaches of the lockdown. Big mistake to do it, very arrogant, and it’s provided enough new evidence to do him more harm.

      Can’t help worrying that he’s cunningly distracting the press from some other skullduggery, but now I’m not sure he’s that subtle a thinker.

      Don’t give a press conference when Venus Rx & Neptune are doing nasty things to your chart. You literally “invalidate” yourself.

      • 44 and counting says:

        I think you may be right about “other skulduggery going on”. Something I read today comes across to me as a very credible explanation that neatly ties every thing up.

        GlaxoSmithKline has a plant near Barnard Castle. Two days after Cummings visited on his wife’s birthday, a deal was signed between a French company and GSK for them to manufacture a vaccine. Likely DC has brokered some corporate backhanders and overcharging of the NHS that BoJo and DC do not want revealed. This is the reason Boris can’t or won’t sack Cummings … because he was there on business doing the job they’d agreed on.

        I’m highly doubtful DC, his wife or child ever had coronavirus themselves and this whole charade was planned as an excuse if anyone said anything. They knew people would latch onto the birthday trip and testing his eyesight with a drive and don’t really care how outrageous the lie is because the discussion stays focused on that. Classic example of throwing a dead cat on the table.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Throughout the crisis, there’s been a lot of talk about “throwing dead cat on the table” to distract from other stuff. There’s been a few of those but I don’t think this is one of them.

        The other classic bad news strategy is to bury it before a weekend. And here we are on a sunny bank holiday w/e with Parliament not in session this week. I’m plumping for this as the reason it broke now.

  3. Joe Blogs says:

    Dominic Cummings (DC) the “loose cannon”, all pickled and ready to explode before Dec 2020 or next year, and for sure will sink English super rich and English Titanic for good. LOL

    Well summarized on the dot Horror Scope! (Horoscope) 10/10. That just goes to show, you can never trust anybody, person who is living on cloud 9 Cuckoo Land (DC left his eggs in Boris’ nest/pod, and soon they will hatch like in Alien movies, and make a meal=fool out of Boris and England ). To give utter nutter( nutter who had some/few excellent ideas) so much out of control extraordinary powers, and DC being cunning manipulative, arrogant crazy idiot, sooner or later eventually he is bound to do irreversible devastating damage. In this scenario English speaking Empires downfall is written in the stars, and in the Book of Revelation as “Babylon the whore drunk out of her skull- eventually will become desolate = stripped and robbed naked by Trojans serpents she was entertaining ” : ( so so so SOS sad events are unfolding for English speaking 7/8th last Empires (UK,USA Mother=UK and her daughter=USA ), the last Empire on earth according to Revelation 13- PS. David Kelly sort of scenario will only make matter worse 🙁

  4. dead_locked says:

    I think I have to disagree about the ‘herd immunity’ you obviously think was wrong to pursue – it was the right thing to persue – look at Sweden. It just needs special groups to be protected, everyone else would survive. There are only .1% – .3% fatalities, 88% who gain the virus pull through just fine – I could go on about the figures but I wont, only to add that the fear monger figures put out by the MSM do not match reality, as can be clearly seen by breaches by figures – they know the truth thats why they dont feel scared about going out.

    • Christina says:

      I don’t think you can hold Sweden up as a model just yet.

      • dead_locked says:

        International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, tells the true story of how a government threatened, manipulated and deliberately terrified its citizens for a bug they knew was no worse than the flu.

      • dead_locked says:

        Likewise for the opposite camp -flattening the curve does not reduce numbers -it just spreads out the length of time.