Happy May Day!

Friday May 1st 2020

Vase of Lilies of the Valley, Suzanne Valadon

In France, bouquets of fragrant lily of the valley, or may bells are given to women on May Day. It’s a symbol of happiness, purity and good faith, and also of the end of a period of darkness.

They are the most delicate, waxy flowers with a magical, delicate, heady scent.

It seems a perfect way to greet the month of May, Mary’s month, Beltane, the time of the greening of the land, when we are in deep spring.

Still life with lilies of the valley in a glass, Esther Kjerner

On the other side of the world, our cousins in Asia await the coming of the rains, which refresh the earth, while here in Europe we watch the glory of spring blossom tumbling from trees and across meadows, along the verges of roads and through cracks in the pavement.

This spring has been extraordinary across the world as we have been in lockdown. The birdsong has been joyous, the wild animals are back in our city streets, the air has been crystal clear. We must never forget this. Or let it just turn into a folk memory. This is how fast the earth can refresh herself.

Happy May Day.


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