Venus & Neptune: Into Fairyland

Tuesday May 12th 2020

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  1. Carol Lewis says:

    This was great Christina. Venus square Neptune hits the most sensitive parts of my chart so I look forward with a mixture of pleasure and trepidation. The thought that came to mind was Glamour, both the Irish meaning of a spell that creates illusion and in the Hollywood/beauty sense. I am wondering if one of the outcomes of Covid19 may be the cult of celebrity coming to an end. This square made me think of Toto pulling aside the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, celebrities seem to be having some issues at the moment — papery thin, like dry leaves on the wind.

  2. Pamela Archambault says:

    Thank You. I really enjoy your video’s.

  3. Isy says:

    Delightful glimpse “under the hill” 🙂

    Gemini is in my 2H and, indeed, money is vanishing. I’m housed & safe, so this’ll pass.

    The Capricorn activity is around my Midheaven; with natal NN in my 1H, even as the current nodal axis slips off the IC/MC spine of my natal chart and into Gem/Sag, I can hardly pay attention to the big gang-fight (feels like, in the US!) in Cap as I wrestle with the more private issues of personal survival. Which, I guess, *is* my job, so maybe the distinction I’ve been holding between natal 1H NN and transiting MC activity is moot!

  4. Maureen Doran says:

    Hi I will try to keep it short though hard with complex aspects. I like your fairy way of thinking /interpretation of the Venus / Neptune up and coming squares. I have been looking at this in depth because I have IC at 20* Pisces & Uranus at 16* Gemini 7th house. looking at the current retrograde of venus and all the squares you mention. this is going to (as usual) be all about a relationship/s and from the past because of retrograde ( going back) With all Uranus aspects there is always some form of separation for me with relationships in general Mother/children/ friends. But this time I think it may be related to news or the return of my husband who walked out suddenly 10 years ago when Uranus was conjunct my IC and has not been in touch ever since! ( he is alive and in a relationship, as I have heard through our son) at that point we had been together 42/3 yrs (half Uranus Cycle) My husband has Uranus near his Asc in Cancer (bit younger than I) with the Ic being the end of the matter I wonder, the end of what!? We are still married.
    He 15/07/1949 / 3.20 am /Liverpool UK / Me 03/11/1945 ? 8.47am Liverpool uk,. I am wondering if the contact/ news be relating to money with Uranus in Taurus and Venus Transit conjoining Uranus several times?? Can you see where I am coming from or am I looking at the wrong things? Thank you and best Wishes Maureen xxxx

    • Christina says:

      I think you are looking at the right things. I hope it works out well for you, and keep in mind the deceptive side of this period.

  5. Denise says:

    Thanks Christina – this was helpful, as it made me realize this is connecting with both my natal and progressed Venus, and Neptune is smack on my natal Vertex, and exactly square progressed Sun. Difficult to connect with “reality” as I usually know it.

    I’m not a financial astrologer either, but I wonder if this is related to the disconnect between the real economy and the stock market. Perhaps the US Federal Reserve (central bank) is visiting Fairyland.

    BTW – I read most of Lang as a youngster and still have the Yellow book. Many of those tales gave me the same feeling as myths – they are true in some way.

  6. Jeanne says:

    With my rising at 20 Pisces and my Venus at 24 Gemini at the bottom of my chart, I might turn out to be the fairy myself!

  7. John Lanyon says:

    So on the money for Dominic Cummings and his story-telling.