Your Month Ahead Podcast: May 22-June 21

Wednesday May 20th 2020


Sally and I talk you through the highs and lows of the astrological month ahead.

As the Sun moves into the sign of the twins, we talk Gemini, Venus retrograde and much more. How will the movement of the planets affect each of the signs? Listen and find out.

Naturally, we’re both in lockdown still, so this was recorded over Zoom. Oh — and we’ve added a tune!


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  1. Ann Goldman says:

    Would you please send a different link to access month ahead May-June podcast? I’ve tried listening/ downloading this on multiple devices and I keep getting “sorry, an error occurred”.
    Thank you. Looking forward to the news!

  2. Louisa Moran says:

    Listening to your podcast at the moment about not believing what you hear.
    I have just had an email from a publisher I asked to publish my 2020 Gardeners diary, and they said its too late!
    As their books for Christmas are being finalised and they asked me to resubmit for 2022 in September 2021.

    Is it worth pushing them to see if they can push it through for publication this year?

    Thank you both for taking the extra effort to bring us this extremely useful and informative podcast each month.

    Many Blessings

  3. Theresa Jacobs says:

    Hi Christina
    Could you send me a link for this month’s May/June podcast as I am unable to access. Usually it is fine. Don’t want to miss it! Thanks so much Theresax