Astrology Podcast: Solstice Special

Saturday June 20th 2020

Phew! We have such big astrology coming up and we had a lot to talk to about in this Solstice special. It’s not often that a Solstice comes along – when the Sun ‘stands still’ and is at its peak — only to be followed less than 10 hours later by a Solar Eclipse, blotting out the light of the Sun!

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  1. S says:

    I was interested to hear that the eclipse falls on India’s Mars, two events of international note have happened there recently
    1. the skirmishes on the border with China in Ladakh (soldiers killed and a lot of protests in the country against China).
    2. a very talented, successful and famous Bollywood actor (Sushant Singh Rajput) committed suicide at 34. It has shocked the country into starting a conversation about nepotism in Bollywood, and bullying.

  2. AquarianMoon says:

    That Mars-Chiron meetup in Aries for the July 5th chart and your comment on the masculine wound is rather striking, because that is what is meant by the phrase “toxic masculinity” — it isnt that masculinity itself is toxic but something has snuck in and IS the toxic component.

    I’m hoping that this period of lancing our collection of collective wounding can make strides to alleviating that particular social ill as well.

  3. 44 and counting says:

    I notice the BBC released The Luminaries TV series on 21st June. Not watched it yet but seems to have some astrological significance with astral twins, a map of the zodiac in the
    visuals and of course the title itself. I’m sure the astrology will be superficial at best but funny they release it at the solstice-eclipse. If it turns out to worthwhile, would be interested if you and Sally have time to talk about it next month.

    • Christina says:

      I loved the book and wrote a review of it at the time.

      It is entirely about astrology. Unfortunately, the arts establishment couldn’t bear that and totally ignored the fact in the reviews. Expect the series will be the same… but looking forward to it.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Nice one. The series has tuned out the various astrological characters and their perspectives so I may read the book first to get it in its original form. I like a clever concept like that. Not sure about 848 pages though …

        Good old Mercury retro … saw it was on TV at 9pm last night but discovered it was episode 2. Headed over to iPlayer and had to search around for it. Watched about half the episode before it got to bedtime, then as I was coming out of it, I noticed another episode from series 1.1 … Turns out I’ve watched half of the final episode already!!

        • Christina says:

          Ha ha

          Well, you need to know that in the book, there’s a character for every sign, including a Cancerian hotel keeper and so on, and there are characters for each planet. The Luminaries — the Sun and Moon — are the lovers around which everything revolves. So have fun spotting which sign is what.

          • Dr D says:

            Glad to know it’s your “7H Jupiter” doing that *eye roll*

          • 44 and counting says:

            Bum steer? Not at all. My 7H Jupiter loves being prompted by other people to try things. You don’t know whether you like something until you try it!

            All part of life’s rich tapestry. It would be boring if we all liked the same things..

          • 44 and counting says:

            About five weeks to read the book and thought it was decidedly average.

            Fractured narrative to confuse the sequence of events which really wouldn’t be that complicated if told in a straightforward manner. Like many readers, I struggled to get through the 360 page first part which had its failings highlighted by those first 340 pages easily being summarised in 20 pages. Yet by the end of the book it was like she couldn’t be bothered to write the detail anymore and overviewing it in the chapter summaries. By the time I reached the end, I’d forgotten much of the detail told in the beginning so mucb harder to tie all the mysteries.

            Really felt like this an air sign style-over-substance for her Libra Sun-mercury with her Aqua Jupiter-Moon in the 3rd thinking it’s the smartest thing in the room. Clever astrological concept and mathematical structure to the book. E.g. value of the gold being £4096 which is 2 to the power of 12. Reducing chapter lengths probably have something to do with the Golden Ratio which she mentions in the acknowledgements. But not much character development and the plot made to seem more complicated by jumping around in time.

            Oh well, will give the TV series a try now …

          • Christina says:

            Oh no — did I give you a bum steer?
            I knew nothing about the New Zealand goldfish either, so I enjoyed it from that point of view too. It is very air! You’re right.