How To Deal With Mars in Aries AOC style

Wednesday July 29th 2020

The redoubtable Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made a blistering speech to congress on July 23, in response to being verbally assaulted by Representative Ted Yoho on the steps of that institution.

It’s worth hearing from beginning to end. Doubtless one day it will be taught to schoolchildren.

AOC was born with a political Libra Sun, of course, so she’s currently getting a lot of energy thrown at her by Mars in an aggressive mood in Aries. Well, that would be incarnated by Representative Yoho, born on April 13, 1955, under the sign of Aries.

This birth time is from and has an A rating.

Unfortunately for Yoho, AOC has a natal conjunction of Mars and the Sun, and she took the classy Libran route of defence — debate. Remember that Mars in Libra is said to be in detriment, but we know that Mahatma Gandhi and John Lennon, both peaceful warriors, also had this same placement. She’s put on Mars armour in the form of a red jacket.

AOC also has Mercury on her MC — a great speaker — opposite the Moon in Aries — straight from the gut — balanced by steady, thoughtful Saturn in Capricorn. The conjunction with Pallas cools that Moon down, and gives her great steadiness of purpose.

If you have planets in Libra, you may feel under attack at some point this year, as Mars will be in Aries a long time. Note where AOC looked for support — from her family (transiting stellium in Capricorn plus Moon in Aries on the IC) and her peers (transiting Mars in Aries). She also used the the legal structures of her country: Jupiter in Capricorn was making a square to her Sun on the day of the speech.

Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to have the Mars conjunction, but it’s worth remembering that being challenged brings out the extraordinary.

I wrote previously about AOC here.

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  1. Vesta says:

    Wow. I knew she’d hit my chart significantly but that’s uncanny! Her AC hits my Sag venus/mars conjunct, which are part of a t-square with uranus/pluto opposite saturn. I noticed her before her win and rooted for her. I was overjoyed when she won. My AC is her MC. Her venus is conjunct my moon/SN. Oh and her Neptune is conjunct my Neptune. Her Jupiter is wide conjunct my Jupiter. Her Ceres is conjunct my Jupiter.
    There’s probably more but that’s quite a lot. I find her incredibly inspiring. I’ve spent a lifetime tempering my speech. I’m told I’m “aggressive”, “blunt”, “sharp”, etc etc. which is code for can’t be controlled by others, especially men. I show them up. They don’t like that. It’s taken me a lifetime to learn actually, there’s nothing wrong with me and I should speak as I find, it’s fine. I’m not aggressive, blunt, or sharp, plus I grew up debating my Libra sibling. I can say what I have to say, if something needs calling, I can do it.
    That’s what AOC has given me, confidence in my opinions. If Sag is anything, it’s opinionated. And with my uranus/pluto in my 12th, mercury in Scorpio, strong neptune chart, and now my progressed sun on the galactic centre, plus my 7 Libra AC close to another important galactic point, the great attractor?, what I’m seeing is through intuition. Plus I get downloads from the universe. It’s the opposite of ‘logic’ and ‘evidence’.
    So, opinionated and no ‘evidence’ to back what I say. My lesson has been to trust my intuition, and take my power back. AOC is showing me what to aim for. What taking your power back looks like.
    I hope AOC is inspiring other women the way she inspires me. Because that would mean a whole load of women taking their power back, which means a significant challenge to patriarchy and their extremely limiting, narrow-minded way of being. I can’t exist within their confines anymore, it’s suffocating.

  2. This lady from the 1950s contemplates AOC’s actions and speech with awe and admiration. Boy, back in those days when I was young NO female would even consider making such a speech. Progressives adore her of course but there are those less forward thinking who even now are trying to pick it apart. May all her stars, planets, conjunctions, fates, muses, and demigods continue to support and encourage her!

  3. Severne says:

    She did it so well!
    I feel that this mars in Aries is also making Librans more direct and Martian (my Libra planets on the first feel that way).

  4. Jeanne says:

    I agree, a speech for the ages. I have Mars in Aries in the 1st house. I was once told this gives me strong immunity. Indeed, I fought off COVID and will be donating my plasma antibodies soon. So I wonder if Mars’ long stay in Aries this year can help us collectively?

    • Christina says:

      That’s a very good point, Jeanne, and I’m glad to hear you’re well again.

      I have been thinking about the ways Mars in Aries can help, because of course it’s easy to get negative about such a strong warrior placement. Yours is a perfect example. The first house is the physical body and good health so that’s how it’s working out for you. but I agree the it could be helpful against the illness collectively. It also shows how each battle is quite individual. It was you against the illness in the end no matter how much medical care you got.

  5. DogMum says:

    I was born only a couple of days before AOC and have the same mars-sun conjunction and almost an identical chart (bar the moon, mercury). Boy, it was tough when Pluto hit them together all those years ago! AOC is my inspiration and maybe, one day I will have her courage to follow into politics to fight for Social justice, equality and freedom (natal Aqua moon)

    • Christina says:

      Part of the Berlin Wall generation — idealistic, practical and revolutionary. That Pluto transit showed you the dark underbelly of governments.

  6. Faye Blake says:

    Interesting post Christina. Thanks. I also love the fact that she has Ceres picking up nearly everything ( except Mars Sun) ! In this supporting part of her Ceres is about democracy for me and sticking up for the underdog. Here Ceres in Cancer makes her a fierce fighter too – Ceres says no to Jupiter and Pluto – to arrogance, judgement and abuse of power and privilege. Mercury with Ceres means she will stand firm until she gets a fair settlement as she finally did in the myth. Ceres conj Jupiter – the feisty politician! Go AOC!

  7. Jassi says:

    “Representative Yoho called me, and I quote, “a f–king bitch.” It was an alleged insult she didn’t even hear. She practices her lying. It’s true, the Washington Post caught her in “four Pinocchios” last year. Yoho has lived in poverty and pulled himself out of it. Not her she’s entitled, arrogant and dishonest. She’s the Moon in Aires boss. Narcissistic negative Libra, she’s a wolf in lamb’s clothing.