The Explosion in Lebanon

Wednesday August 5th 2020

Yesterday evening, a massive explosion at 6.08pm in Beirut, Lebanon killed hundreds and injured thousands of people. It was so large and so loud, it could be heard 300 miles away in Cyprus, windows were blown out across the capital and people miles away were injured by debris.

People are saying it’s the biggest peacetime explosion in history.

It’s an incredible piece of astrology.

Mars, the planet of fire, powerful in his own sign, was within three minutes of an exact square to Jupiter, the planet of massive. Jupiter was rising, just one degree from the horizon.

Uranus — surprise — was on the IC in earthy Taurus. The explosion shook the earth for miles around.

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  1. Miss A Boden says:

    That fiery red cloud… Mars’ signature all over it.

  2. Faye Blake says:

    Yes terribly sad and shocking. The Uranus sextile to Ceres is pretty close too. A wakeup call for democracy. There has been much upheaval with leader issues before this – perhaps Ceres has had enough. Getting food will be a major issue as the port is out of action.