Your Month Ahead Podcast: August 22-September 22

Friday August 21st 2020

This month, we talk about the long transit of Mars through Aries — scars, stings, doing & taking action. Mars turns retrograde on September 9th — listen in to find out what it means for you.

Then, there’s joyous Jupiter’s change of direction on September 13th and a couple of earthy and rather wonderful lunations — the Full Moon on September 2nd and the New Moon on September 17th.

Virgo is of course harvest season – maybe that’s why I’ve been making fig & ginger chutney with a glut of figs from the tree in my garden!

Grab yourself a glass of something nice and do join us 🙂

To listen, click here.

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  1. Denise says:

    Very helpful – thanks – I listened twice and made some notes! Much of what you and Sally discussed is personally relevant.

    Also of note – you mentioned Mars square Saturn in connection with wildfires, which actually began here in California as many small lightning fires from over 3,000 lightning strikes the night of August 16-17. That much lightning this time of year is unusual. So, just after Uranus stationed direct and just before Mars square Saturn. Fires then grew quickly – you used the word “explosively” which was a good description – and many merged together into several really large fires. Firefighting resources were maxed out and most of California was covered in smoke for most of last week. Over 1.3 million acres as of today. Really looking forward to a “good” full moon, as you described.

    (I’m not seeing any other comments, so forgive me if someone else has discussed this.)

    • Christina says:

      Not at all. In fact, I’d not even looked at the news when we recorded this — it’s just so clearly likely. The wildfires are exactly examples of Mars in Aries. I think we’ll see the same again in the Southern Hemisphere this November-January too. Let’s pray for some California rain. I hope the coming retrograde helps.