Astrology of Now: Poised

Monday September 21st 2020
In the Woods -- Auguste Renoir

In the Woods — Pierre-Auguste Renoir

When the Sun moves from the sign of Virgo into Libra (on September 22), we find ourselves at the halfway point of the year. Day and night are of equal length for a fleeting moment in perfect balance.

The equinox opens the autumn season here in the North. Where I am, it is unusually warm and still. It’s also been very beautiful, a golden September: limpid slanting sun, ripe apples in emerald grass, gleaming berries, thistledown. Each day seems like a gift.

Despite the curious stillness in the air here, this year’s equinox comes in a tumultuous time , and when the Sun begins to make his way through Libra, there may be even more surprises.┬áThe Sun will oppose Mars in Aries and square Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn from Libra. It looks like that moment of equipoise is going to be really fleeting in 2020.

Even so, this is the moment to look back at 2020 so far, pause, and weigh a few things in the scales. What have you gained and what have you lost? What is worth preserving and what is spoiled? How have you fared in this strange year? How heavy is your soul weighed against the feather of truth?

And then once again, we tumble through time, head over heels towards the solstice.

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