Mars in Aries

Wednesday September 9th 2020

Mars is in Aries a long time this year, so we need to get to know what that means. Here are some thoughts and context about this transit. By the way, a few minutes in I say the First World War, and I mean the Second!

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  1. love these videos of your thoughts Christina, they are so interesting! Also love your fab nail colour in it 🙂

    I am only a astrology beginner but after learning the basic system, I am trying to see how everything practically happens in reality.

    I think it’s fascinating that this Mars Rx for the UK is all about Brexit it seems. There were rumours (leaks) in the papers and then today on the day Mars goes Retrograde, the bill which would try to get the UK to break international law is introduced. Like all the Brexit timings with astrology, it seems to be a terrible omen to launch it on this day. Like the sneak attack you talk about, this is a sneak attack in the negotiations. It seems to me that by introducing this threat of lawlessness (Mars), it will mean negotiations go absolutely nowhere during the retrograde and Saturn will restore international order against our threat of law breaking. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the harsh aspects affect this area. I suspect they will live to regret this strategy and will block us in more.

    Then Mars goes direct I think like a few weeks after Boris’s date he wants a confirmed deal. I now wonder with everything going quickly in November that this strategy is going to go nowhere but some negotiation or basic deal will be quickly be done after all the talk on both sides.

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out but this is our sneak attack on the negotiations. It’s aggressive, almost like starting a legal international war!

    • Christina says:

      Yes. And the Mars Rx during the Brexit Referendum was an unforgettable example of what not to do. They launched the Referendum on the day Mars went Rx and held the vote just before it went direct. A classic example of how things don’t work out in the way you expect.

  2. Samma Madsen says:

    Libra rising, Mars in Aries in 7th house opposition!! :(( Mars sextile Aqu. Moon in 4th, sextile Gemini Saturn in 9th, Trine Leo Venus in 10th, trine Leo Chiron in 11th. Mars is so strong in my chart I do not know how to handle always getting attacked. I have blessings all the time, but just as many hurtful occurrences as well. I find this so difficult to handle. I want to learn how to deal with this, even at my age as I plan to live a very long time. Neptune is an exact square from 12th house Virgo to my sun in Gemini in 9th, both at 29 degrees. Yes, not always positive what is what. Believe it or not I am a positive person. lol

  3. Leila Walsh says:

    Would you advise holding off on cataract surgery until Mars leaves Aires? My descendant is 16 degrees Aires.

  4. 44 and counting says:

    Nice one Christina. I’m kind of enjoying this mars retrograde – it’s in my 12H and I’ve been honouring the energy with a lot of alone time, sitting quietly. reading. meditating, writing my thoughts down.. It’s another time of endings and letting go. Finally had to put my cat to sleep after longterm ill-health and daughter’s off to uni next week. Neighbours are up for sale (wonder how that’ll play with Mars retro) xo new ones probably coming in.

    By the time Mars crosses my ascendant in New Year, it’ll make squares to Jupiter-Saturn in my Aqua 10th and from what I’ve read those heralds new challenges. At least I hope so as could do with some life action.