Halloween Special

Tuesday October 27th 2020

A Medieval Danse Macabre

The Full Moon on Halloween 2020 contains a zingy surprise. Now that may be grandma’s white teeth being a little longer and sharper than you thought, but it may be that the big bad wolf turns out to be a hirsute suitor.

This is also the second Full Moon of October so gets the title of a Blue Moon… and this blue moon promises to be pretty special.

The good news is, unlike the previous two lunations in October, the Full Moon on Halloween is no longer stuck. In fact, this energy looks like a door being kicked open, a situation being turned on its head or a complete U-turn. Indeed, it could be the wolf ripping off his lace cap and leaping out of bed.

At the Full Moon this door unlocks and opens onto the coming two weeks, letting all manner of things in and out…

If you’re a member of The Oxford Astrologer, please pick up your Halloween Special here. It includes a recording of my conversation with Anne Whitaker from earlier this month.

The Full Moon on Halloween

The Full Moon on Halloween

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    It’s a full moon that’s really brought to fruition Marcus Rashford’s chart – a Halloween baby himself (31-Oct-1997).

  2. Denise says:

    Right on schedule, PM Boris Johnson announces a 4-week lockdown on October 31.