December Horoscopes

Tuesday December 1st 2020


Our Lady of China, who appeared in an apparition in Donglu in 1900.

There’s a huge change coming our way this December — and it’s about time too. We are whooshing forward into 2021 — and into the next decade, as we enter a brand new era. It’s very exciting, and the new birth happens exactly on the Solstice point!

It’s also a fiery month ahead, with Mars still in Aries and an eclipse in Sagittarius. But although this makes December fairly volatile, there’s a can-do feel to the month also.

Let’s get through 2020! To read your horoscope or join the OA, click here.

I’m doing a 2021 Webinar with my friend and podcast partner Sally Kirkman on December 6. I do hope you can come.


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