January Horoscopes and the Year Ahead

Thursday December 31st 2020


Despite the virus, the vaccine, the vicissitudes, I’m excited about the year ahead, and excited about January. There is a hurricane of airy energy rising in Aquarius, one of the signs of the collective. Each of us will need to get ready in our own way.

For members, I’ve created a cheat sheet for the year ahead, and done 12 short videos highlighting what’s important for you. These are available on the member’s page. If you have not looked at the Lilith in Taurus video yet, it’s here. Lilith will be in Taurus until July.

To go straight to your January horoscope or join the OA click hereHoroscopes will be published at midnight GMT.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Yesterday Mars entered Taurus at 5:26 pm Eastern and restored order in Washington DC.