Amanda Gorman: On Fire

Saturday January 23rd 2021

I was wondering how the Mars-Uranus conjunction — that fiery, combustible, dangerous pairing — would manifest on the day of the inauguration.

And then Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate, stepped onto the platform and began to declaim. She looked fantastic, like a queen from a country of the future — and on her head she wore a crown that could only have been a gift from Mars. It was a thick, bright red silk hairband (apparently) but on her it looked like royal regalia. And her coat was a glorious streak of sunshine on a winter’s day.

The yellow, I wondered, could the yellow be Uranian? Is it an electric yellow? Or is it her electric delivery?

So I thought I’d better look at her chart. There it is: Mars, the red planet, in Aries, which rules the head. It’s making a conjunction with Ceres, which reminded me that Gorman’s coat is just the yellow that Oshun, the West African goddess of fertility, might wear. By transit, Ceres was making an exact conjunction to glamorous Neptune at 18° Pisces right next to Gorman’s Sun. Ceres/Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, was described as “yellow-haired”.

No birth time so this is a sunrise chart.

Gorman’s poet’s conjunction of Venus and Neptune was activated by the Great Conjunction on December 21. This was bound to be a big year for her, and, on the day of the inauguration, the Sun himself had reached that conjunction.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in question had reached Gorman’s natal Vesta in Taurus. The goddess of the flame was lit — and indeed Gorman literally spoke about the torch that was passed from one poet to the next, which is something I associate with Vesta. On her right hand she wore a ring of a caged bird to remind her of a former poet laureate, Maya Angelou — who also happens to have an exact Mars-Ceres conjunction…

A Mars-Uranus conjunction can also be spicy, electrifying and joyous.

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  1. Sarah Gannon says:

    is there not a way to rectify her chart. Since no one knows her time. except her mom. of course. this would be a great way to show how retification works. be so cool.

    • Christina says:

      Rectification is a hornet’s nest of controversy though! You’d need to go through all the important events of her life and see if you could match them to an angle. This one, for example, looks like Sun on the MC or in the 9th, but you never know. I am very cautious about rectifications — and claims of rectification! There’s an article on this site about rectifying Diana’s chart and you can see how much work goes into it.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Have just thrown in my own bit of controversy on the rectification of Diana’s chart over on that post!

        • Christina says:

          I avoid rectifications for just that kind of reason. There are also always several ways to read a chart. When I rectify a client’s chart, I keep it loose.

      • Sarah Gannon says:

        Yes one would think that on Jan 20 2021 saying one’s poem to the world there would be a big connection to the 10th house.
        Gemini Rising.. ??? 11:40ish am pst. mar 7 1998.