Astrology of Now: The Green One

Tuesday March 16th 2021
An Ottoman image of Al Khidr, the Green One

A Mogul image of Al Khidr, the Green One

The Green One, al Khidr, may be a traveller or an angel, a sailor or a sage; he guards the sea, is a patron of poets and calligraphers, heals the sick, and as you can see above rides on the back of fish. He may come to your aid if you are drowning, heal your broken bones or broken heart. He is green because he has drunk from the fountain of immortality, so he is eternal. He initiates the mystic seekers, visits you in your dreams, knows the mind of god.

This magical figure is both Islamic, a favourite of Sufis, and pre-Islamic. He weaves in and out of folktales along the Silk Road from India to Turkey. He is associated with rivers, wells, oases, the seas.

In this depiction, you can see his association with the sign Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Apparently, as teacher of wisdom and dream voyager, he may also be an avatar of the planet Mercury.

Today, Mercury has finally escaped from Aquarius — where he has been for most of this year so far — and had dived into the waters of Pisces. Spring, the eternal greening, is here (at least from where I sit) and perhaps al Khidr walks the land. His official day is not until April 23, St George’s Day. And he may also be an avatar of St George|: Khidr too was a dragon-slayer according to some stories.

Whenever Mercury comes to Pisces, pay special attention to your dreams, inner vision, intuition. This last Piscean week for the year is the magical, liminal time, when we come to the end of the Zodiac. All is dispersal. We are on the sea. Especially this year with the extraordinary New Moon last weekend and the presence of both the higher and lower octaves of love Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

Al Khidr can show you the direct way to god, without an intermediary, so that you can come face to face with the mystery.

We are in the time of divine love, poetry, and strong spirits. Imbibe.

Al Khizr Khan Khwaja ca. 1760

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  1. Victoria Emory says:

    LOVE THIS PIECE; Exactly right, exactly what’s right for now.

    Thank you so much.

  2. mm says:

    Beautiful. I love this.

  3. Hello
    The green one
    I love that
    How beautiful
    Best wishes from canada

  4. Saeed says:

    Absolutely stunning. Looks very close to the reality, but only for those who have eyes and wisdom!

  5. Isy says:

    Beautiful. How I look forward to his time of year!