Meghan, Harry and Diana’s Saturn Return

Monday March 8th 2021

Harry and Meghan being interviewed by Oprah

If ever you wondered whether this country were in the grip of a prolonged nervous breakdown, take a millisecond to peruse the extraordinary media response to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with the redoubtable queen across the water, Oprah Winfrey. That was aired last night in the US and it’s coming here this evening.

It’s hard to know where to begin with this story, which has all the elements of a fairytale. Once upon a time, an orphaned boy blossomed into a dashing prince, the dashing prince was rescued by a handsome stranger who carried him to a country far away. A jealous brother, uncertain paternity, a mother who helps from beyond the grave.  It’s a combination of the Ugly Duckling and Cinderella — except Cinders is, of course, played by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

The British press has been relentless in its criticism of Prince Harry’s bride, Meghan. They seemed to scent blood in ways that were familiar to  anyone who lived through the 1980s and 1990s. Diana was vilified and gaslighted in exactly the same way, and lest it be forgotten pursued by paparazzi to her death in a tunnel. That is another kind of fairytale.

The Royal Family is smeared all over the tabloids in this country and around the world. They enact fairytales for the public, trapped in performance, trapped by the accident of birth. Although supposedly they hold no political power, they have enormous power of another kind, the power of influence.

That influence is Neptunian. It’s glamour, illusion, make-believe, but it has real-world consequences. The current Queen’s Neptune is powerfully placed in the royal sign of Leo, and it makes an exact opposition to Jupiter, the other ruler of Pisces, in Aquarius, the sign of the people. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s Neptune is also at exactly 22° — but in Sagittarius, the sign of the foreigner. This means the Queen and Meghan have a trine between their Neptune’s, each makes the other more influential perhaps — however inadvertently. How curious.

This latest chapter in the saga seems particularly toxic;  it’s hard to know which part sticks most spikily in the craw.

Racism, xenophobia and misogyny spill out of the mouths, and from the keyboards of commentators. The responses from “journalists” such as Piers Morgan and the Daily Mail’s own Cruella DeVille, Sarah Vine, sound like the death throes of the Grendel, writhing in agony as he tells Beowulf that he’s the crazy one. Perhaps they are especially venomous since the Mail on Sunday was forced by the courts to print a giant front-page apology to the Duchess. Of course, we have seen some of this before — but the racism is the icing on the cake this time.

Still, you may ask yourself: why? And in truth, it is quite hard to fathom. If it weren’t hurting real people, the abuse would simply be laughable. The abusers make themselves look like such hate-filled fools.

Here is the other fairytale.

Beautiful girl falls in love, marries, has trouble with the in-laws. She must sift the grain, go to hell and back, and appease her mother-in-law (who is a powerful goddess) … wait that is the story of Psyche, the most famous literary fairytale in the western canon.

Indeed, Psyche is the asteroid of fairytales, which might make you wonder about the Sussexes… In fact, they have an exact aspect between their Psyches. His in Aquarius and hers in Leo, both at 6° and 5°. Hers is entwined with Mercury, the communicator, too. This is almost the tightest connection between them. So hers is a tale of becoming royal (Leo) and his is a tale of becoming common (Aquarius) — perhaps.

I’ve used so I can add Psyche.

But that still does not explain the extraordinary reaction to the Sussexes: the blind fury, the vitriol. One clue to this reaction may come from the composite chart (using the MC method for a public couple), which puts outcast Lilith right on the midheaven. This means the world may see them in as Lilith. For some, Lilith is a woman of power, because she chooses to leave the Garden of Eden and set up on her own in the wilderness. For others, Lilith is an evil temptress, a child killer, an outsider who must be hunted down. See how astrology works…

Black Moon Lilith is often shortened to BML.. Just saying.

On another note, I wrote earlier about how the Queen and Meghan have excellent synastry with what’s known as a cosmic marriage between the Meghan’s Sun and the Queen’s Moon in Leo. Mind you, that spot is under pressure today from transiting Saturn in Aquarius.

Late 2020 saw the posthumous Saturn Return of Diana, Princess of Wales. As we know, the Saturn Return is a reckoning. Diana’s Saturn happens to be exactly on the Sussex’s joint Black Moon Lilith — at 27° Capricorn. The same spot where Neptune, the planet of glamour, stopped on the day she died.

And then there’s Prince Andrew...

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  1. Dawn Foster says:

    Amazing astrology! I keep thinking about the chart of the wedding day when everyone was anxious about fireworks or worse!

    • Christina says:

      Yes. And it turns out they were actually married three days before.

      • G. Minie says:

        Well no they weren’t. It was a blessing or whatever you call it. Without witnesses and a public place, as well as the Archbishop, in UK law it was definitely not official or legal, even if they like to think of it as their wedding.

  2. Helena says:

    “They enact fairytales for the public, trapped in performance, trapped by the accident of birth”.
    So many great insights in this piece Christina. I’m struck by the fact that Meghan was born 6 days after Charles and Diana’s wedding–deciphering the glamour and illusion of Neptune at that moment in history is part of her birth assignment. It also makes me think of Prometheus chained to the rock waiting for Hercules to be born and free him. Diana married into a prison thus consigning her children to that same prison– and 6 days later Meghan was born who would help free Diana’s child. Both of them endeavoring to reinsert nurturing and compassion back into the royal family by revealing their vulnerability to the public–a show of genuine emotion which is anathema to the royals who are forced to maintain a stiff upper lip in order to enact their roles

  3. Isabel Catherine Tifft says:

    Harry’s Juno and Mercury conjunct Meghan’s Ceres. That’s awfully sweet.

    When I read Aquarius Psyche and Leo Psyche, I saw him pouring water on her burns. Also very sweet…

  4. Wendy Fey says:

    Hmm, 27 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is bearing down on that degree, a couple of years to go until exact. That’s a bit worrying.

  5. AJ Maize says:

    I don’t think I can put into words how much I appreciate your point of view and your ability to tell a good story. I understand astrology and I see these patterns but it’s as if I can see them in black and white. You see them in full living color. Your writing is superb, rich with the myths that astrology is built on. My love of astrology developed from studying mythology in that long ago junior high Latin class so I appreciate your depth of knowledge. Thank you for showing us how the stories repeat. The stage and the players change, but the stories live on. While I am at it, I subscribe to your horoscopes for the magnificent artwork you use. Yes. I am officially a fan girl.

  6. Km says:

    I too have trouble understanding the incredible hatred for this woman. It seems so irrational and out of bounds. What the hell?