May Horoscopes

Friday April 30th 2021

Marianne North

There’s an eventful, exciting month coming up, with an eclipse, an upcoming Mercury retrograde and, of course, Jupiter’s move into watery, wonderful Pisces. There’s much to think about.

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  1. Sophie Bennett says:

    Dear Christina, I received the May horoscope today. I wanted to respond as I was concerned by the following sentence in the introduction, “If you have not been vaccinated do not assume that ‘herd immunity’ will protect you.” It made me think about the issue of using astrology, responsibility and neutrality. Many people are influenced by astrologers and believe they have access to higher knowledge, in consequence an astrologer’s words have power. As a writer, I know you think very carefully about your horoscopes so I am sure you deliberated over it. I just wanted to give you some feedback as a reader that I felt the statement was overly founded on personal views and had a coercive and fear-based tone that worried me. It may be that this is a factor of your assessment of Jupiter in Pisces, but I would still raise the question of how astrologers can best use their voice responsibly at this time. I would hope that a measure of neutrality based on respect for the rights of an individual, ie. freedom of belief and choice would be involved. Best wishes, Sophie

    • Christina says:

      Dear Sophie, I appreciate your feedback, but I don’t really understand it. I ddi not suggest you get vaccinated, or that you don’t get vaccinated. That is up to you. I am saying, be careful, because it is clear from the astrology that globally this is not over — even if it might be near you or me.

      I did think about this seriously. I felt it was my responsibility to point out that Jupiter in Pisces is about breaking boundaries. This will lift restrictions AND cause the virus to grow rapidly. I see that today, the virus has reached a new peak globally. At the same time, in this country and many others, restrictions are being lifted and we are at a very low level of infection. Two opposite things are both true. That is both real life and real astrology.

      I am glad my words have power, because I am here to help, and astrology does give me a global view. However, you are mistaken if you think any astrologer is neutral. This is a fallacy. We are all human beings, living in the real world, with our own experiences. It is for the readers to interpret my words and choose their own actions. I have readers all over the world: some live in places that have been almost completely unaffected, others are locked into their homes right now; some have lost loved ones, colleagues, neighbours. I speak to many of them every month. Each of us must look at the circumstances of our own environment and make our own decisions.

      • Sophie Bennett says:

        Dear Christina,
        Thank you for taking the time to share your views. Your response shows me that you did understand my feedback quite clearly. I agree that the very nature of being human does not lend itself to to a state of neutrality, it is rather something that must be strived for daily, primarily in the relationship to ourselves. I appreciate your outlining your own position as it is helpful to know at what level an astrologer is working at when approaching their work. Best wishes, Sophie