Thursday June 24th 2021
Britney unleashing her inner Lilith Creator: Stephen Lavoie Copyright: Creative Commons

Britney unleashing her inner Lilith Creator: Stephen Lavoie, Creative Commons

Singer and dancer Britney Spears is 39 years old, and, until recently, and has has a busy work schedule as super pop diva.

But she is enslaved by a so-called legal conservatorship that was set up when she was having a nervous breakdown 13 years ago. Spears had the kind of melt-down that ex-child stars often have — fame is a curse after all. And she had it at the traditional time of the progressed lunar return. But all the other child stars  who freaked out (and survived) — Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Judy Garland to name a few — were allowed to keep a hold of their own affairs. Only Britney has been singled out for this treatment.

This means she has no control over her money — and according to her testimony in court yesterday, no control over all kinds of extremely personal matters. For example, her conservators won’t let her have another baby, refusing to allow her to have an IUD removed, and she said they forced her to take the drug lithium against her wishes. Furthermore, according to Spears, her management has forced her to continue working in Las Vegas for the last few years, threatening to sue her if she did not continue.

Spears 68-year-old father is in charge of the conservatorship.

“My client has informed me that she is afraid of her father,” Britney Spears’s court-appointed lawyer told a judge in November. “She will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career.” — from the New York Times.

Yesterday, she asked a court to put an end to the conservatorship, and gave passionate and shocking testimony.

Looking at her astrological chart is instructive.

A tight conjunction of Pluto and Ceres makes a hard square to her Venus.

Venus stands for the very three things belonging to Spears that have been kidnapped, stolen, entrapped: money, sexuality, art. Apparently, she is not even allowed to stain her kitchen cabinets without permission — another aesthetic choice thwarted.

When Ceres and Pluto join forces, you can have trouble with parents or parenting. Spears has had both. Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, are, of course, two of the main actors in the story of the abduction of Persephone/Proserpine, stolen down to the underworld where she becomes queen. Rescued by her mother Ceres, Persephone eventually spends half her time below and half her time above ground. Her arrival in the upper world is the arrival of spring and her departure brings on winter.

Perhaps, Las Vegas, where Spears has been continually forced to perform is a kind of underworld. She certainly became a queen there. I note that her father’s Ceres is also at 25°, of Taurus, squaring his Pluto in Leo.

Pluto is certainly associated with coercion, entrapment and enslavement, so this square is a tough one to deal with. Venus-Pluto may mean a person has to wrestle with issues around prostitution in a broad sense — of talent for example — and of worth. It’s a little ironic that Spears breakthrough single was “…baby one more time”. The ellipsis being the words “hit me”.

Note also that Sun-Lilith conjunction, which may account for some of Spears tremendous charisma, but also for her situation as a semi-outcast.

However, the current transits may release Britney from the control of her parents.

Pluto has reached her Venus, so finally the dark lord has arrived, and she may be able to break free of his contract.

Juno, the asteroid of contracts is back in Sagittarius, where she was in the year the conservatorship was first granted, February 2008 (21°), and then extended indefinitely, October 2008 (25°). That indefinite extension smacks of Sagittarius excess. That contract has, of course, dominated Spears existence since then, harnessing her Neptunian glamour to the service of Pluto.

One of the remarkable features of Spears custodianship has been the superstars’ silence on the subject — until now. The eclipse on 26 May uncorked that. It was directly on her Mercury in Sagittarius.

Saturn is currently stationing on Spears’ popular Aquarian Moon. You might think this would signal depression, but it can also signal a time of getting stronger emotionally, or of maturing, especially since Spears has a natal trine from Saturn to the Moon.


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  1. Wow! Brilliant and absolutely fascinating… poor Soul I hope she breaks free and rescues her Sovereignty! Thank you for the Knowledge, depth and power of this insight Christina.

  2. Vesta says:

    I wondered why Britney’s story was so triggering. I have pluto square venus, and it opposes ceres. They’re part of a bigger t-square. Uranus/pluto conjunct, opposite saturn/chiron/ceres, square mars/venus. All mid-degrees in mutable signs.
    There’s another configuration like a t-square I don’t know the name of with neptune/mercury in mid-degrees scorpio. Uranus/pluto sextile, and saturn/chiron/ceres are square.
    When tr pluto conjunct my venus was when my Dad died and I was freed. I felt so guilty while I was grieving. Part of me missing who he was when I was little, part of me glad to no longer battle what he became.
    I don’t share all Britney’s experiences, but I have my own Cinderella story where I was erased. Saturn, chiron and ceres are in my 6h. Service. Venus is in my 3rd. I wasn’t allowed to answer back, I wasn’t allowed to form my own identity, my job was to care for others and my Mum who wasn’t well. I was the eldest, apparently it fell to me. When I was old enough to just go, I did. My responsibilities fell to the others. No one else was treated the same as me. The siblings were too young to know I was raising them. While they never punished me for abandoning them, there’s no appreciation or gratitude either. All that sacrifice and I got nothing back.
    I’ve always liked Britiney, even when it wasn’t ‘cool’. I must have chimed with her. We have similar chart angles, different degrees but quite close. 7 degree orb. Her Sag planets conjunct some of mine. The degrees are a bit hard to see in the chart image so I can’t see more.
    Awww her Jupiter is on my sun, and trine my jupiter. 🙂
    I’ve always had a soft spot for her and now I understand why. On some level, I got her. But I couldn’t have described it till now. It’s full moon today, this must be my illumination. Definitely making me feel emotional too.
    When I just up and left, I never healed my relationship with my Dad. I was banned from the house at one point, because I stood up to him and he didn’t like it. I still went, I showed his authority meant nothing, he had no authority over me. But that was on the surface. Inside, I was broken. Well, I didn’t exist. I’ll be looking to see how Britney recovers moving forward. She is such a talented and inspiring person, maybe she’ll show me?
    There’s no mention of Britney’s mother. I’m guessing she did nothing to protect her, same as mine.
    Sending Britney all the love in the world. <3
    Thanks, Christina! Great article. How you read her chart is spot on for me. xx

    • Christina says:

      Her mother is not protecting her. I note that like you, she also had several siblings who were treated differently. Noting the full third house. One sister was named Jamie Lynn after her parents Jamie and Lynn, which is …

      • Vesta says:

        I have a stellium in Sag in the 3rd house too.
        Bullies in families teach others how to treat the one being bullied. It’s disorientating. On the one hand, you have deep familial bonds. On the other, they’re not on your side. It tears you in two. You hear that in her testimony, how she’s able to smile in public while traumatised. I was always told I’m always smiling. I’d go to school after being hit and try to hide it. I thought people couldn’t tell I’d been crying.
        Just finished reading what she said. I kept putting it off. It’s very upsetting. What comes through is how she’s taking her power back. I can hear, ‘enough!’. She’s still agreeing to therapy, she could probably choose her own, dump the one chosen for her. I left a long time ago and I’m still healing. It’s probably a lifetime’s work now. It will be the same for Britney. She’s not going to miraculously bounce back. But each step forward is a win.
        The other good thing is there’s a better understanding of coercive control, abuse, bullying. It didn’t exist when I up and left. I searched for answers and couldn’t find anything. There weren’t many self-help books. So Britney has done really well to get as far as she’s got, and there’s a lot of support for her too.

  3. Christina says:


    I love this interpretation of Oops which reveals its true darkness.

  4. I came to a very similar conclusion Christina (without the use of Ceres) as I don’t use the Asteroids. Jupiter is also freeing her up as well as playing the Judge in all this. I too think that freedom is coming for her at last…

  5. I came to a very similar conclusion Christina (without the use of Ceres) as I don’t use the Asteroids. Jupiter is also freeing her up as well as playing the Judge in all this and the Full Moon on 24th exactly hits her MC/IC axis. I too think that freedom is coming for her at last…

  6. barbara says:

    She’s a winter’s girl with a powerful, venusian and dark autumn touch. Hard work in entertainment business. But let us talk about crappy mars in a piscean house in the opposite sign of virgo: health struggles with the mind. This lifetime story is about “me, family and my neighbours”. Chiron in Taurus in the 8th talks about expenses, that you even don’t want to pay for daily nutrition. Funny and immature saggi suns expect that they will be fed all the time like a holy man, but in the bitter end, they don’t understand, why they have to pay for a regular haircut or won’t get free tires for the car or free organic bananas.

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