Oceanic Power

Monday June 14th 2021
Neptune's Horses, Walter Crane

Neptune’s Horses, Walter Crane

The planets’ dance through the Zodiac winds to an end in the sign of salt tears and imagination, ecstasy and dissipation, the sign of universal love, lost souls and the ocean depths, Pisces.

Right now, two major planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are tracing the last graceful steps of their own cosmic gavottes. And both are in rulership in Pisces, which means that here in the watery realm, they are super-powered. Indeed, Piscean power, in both its terror and glory, is magnified twice over.

This is an extraordinary time. Jupiter visits Pisces only every 12 years, and Neptune comes only every 160 years. The last time they were both in Pisces was in 1856, and before then in 1690, and before then 1524.

This summer, Jupiter is making a brief visit to Pisces (14 May- 28 July), but he will be back from 29 December-11 May, 2022, and again 28 October-20 December, 2022. He will make one exact conjunction with mighty Neptune on 12 April 2022.

So we are getting a brief taste of what this powerful combination feels like right now in June, especially as both planets station to turn retrograde in the final weeks of the month. This a potent moment — although it could well be something you experience internally, quietly, emotionally.

For some of us, the Piscean lure is to oblivion, fantasy, fiction — drugs, dancing, moonshine and fairy rings. For others, the potential is for a spiritual expansion, a glimpse of the divine. Boundaries will be broken somewhere for everyone. I noticed last week that a giant avalanche took place on the ocean floor. 

Love, to be lost in love, to float in the sea of love, to feel divine love: these also may be available to you. Stay alive to this moment now, and set your imagination free. Next year may be special.

And then the cosmic round will begin again with a spark and a jump in the fiery Ram.


Jupiter turns retrograde on 20 June at 2°Pisces.
Neptune turns retrograde on 25 June at 23° Pisces.




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  1. Isy says:

    1856: the Crimean War ended on one end of the Asian continent, the 2nd Opium War started on the other, 500 religious zealots set out for Salt Lake (Utah) from Iowa, and the US was ramping up to the Civil War which started “properly” in 1861.

    Considering what today has been like, I’m too wrung out to investigate the other years mentioned. All the Piscean stuff is sloshing through. The day started with an absolutely delirious thunderstorm. (I liked that! The cat, not so much.)

    • Iris says:

      Interesting to contemplate what they might mean together. Out of the dissolution of old ways, new ideals might form or be imposed, new modes of governance, new faith? In 1856 the colonisation process was in full swing and the British Empire was spread wide. Where I am in one such colonised land, the first colonisers and their new faith had arrived some decades before, but in 1856 the first Colonial Secretary (we’d now call that role a Prime Minister) was elected and the first city declared. Numbers of non-indigenous migrants were beginning to approach the numbers of indigenous peoples. This whole process would accelerate. What was, was dissolving. Shifting human tides created something else, irrevocably different. Of course this was happening on such a scale wordwide it’s hard to contemplate a pattern.
      On a personal level I think finding a soul’s small place in the vast tide through tracking our ancestral stories and movements can be very healing, especially for those of us whose ancestral stories might have involved a severing with the past.
      I had to look up Fanatica of course and find it’s conjunct Chiron, just 6 seconds off exact, in 1h Pisces. Hmmm…

    • Isy says:

      Worth adding that those religious zealots, who value family trees with a dazzling intensity, went on to develop ancestry.com’s web tools and DNA test kits. All that data is stored in deep mountain tunnels up there.

      • Christina says:

        The ancestry thing is very intriguing — partly to do with being immigrants to a strange land, I suppose..
        It’s notable how much emphasis people put on origin stories, and what they think it actually means. At a certain point narratives about purity and ancestry can go quite toxic — I am watching some uncomfortable shifts happening here — and on the other hand indigenous people may have a deeper connection to land, and that sense of belonging to tribe or family is real.
        I think one could trace this particular obsession with astrological tools. I think the asteroids might have something to tell us about this.

        • SD says:

          Regarding your point with regard to ancestry and tracing it in the chart via asteroids, I will offer my own experiences in this regard. I have several planets / bodies in Cancer (Sun, Mars, Ceres) which all lend considerable weight to the themes of home, family, tribe and ancestry, but IMO what really underlines these themes is a wide (4 degrees, which is the max orb I use for asteroids) conjunction between the asteroids Fanatica (fanaticism) and Neverland (fantasy, ideals). Perhaps not surprisingly I take the aforementioned themes very deeply into my psyche and in addition to all the other placements in Cancer this does create issues. (It is practically impossible to let go of the area of your chart where Fanatica is – hence why it is such an important asteroid to study). All these placements are in my 8th house as well which gives an all or nothing quality to them.

          The other area to look at is the IC (roots) which is a very critical point in the chart and often overlooked – people fall back onto it and the South Node when under stress. I have mine in Aries which adds further intensity and black and white thinking when it comes to matters of what my roots and origins are.

        • Christina says:

          Also the Crimean War was exceptionally bloody and so was the Civil War — and was there a more Neptunian War than the Opium War?