Gareth Southgate, England’s Finest

Sunday July 11th 2021

The manager of the England football team, Gareth Southgate, is a diplomat, a tactician, a patriot and a leader. He has brought his young team to the final of a major tournament, eloquently defended them from slurs and set an example of gentlemanly behaviour not just just for his players but for the country. He is, it seems, a good man; the antidote to the politicians of our time.

Sunrise chart

You can see all this in his chart. The North Node makes a conjunction with tactical Pallas Athena in Pisces, the sign of feet (and footballers. It’s opposed by Mars, the athlete, in technical, perfectionist Virgo. (I remember when he missed that penalty. It was so awful.)

He has a lot of planets in Libra, the sign of fairness and diplomacy, including probably the Moon, which would explain his instinct for fairness, and Venus, which would explain his superb people skills, and his sense of style. His Vesta, and possibly the Moon are also directly on the UK Ascendant (2°orb), so his is an image that we identify with. Vesta is an asteroid connected to sports and legacy, which seems fitting.

The planets are certainly smiling on him right now. Lucky Jupiter is just a degree from that Pallas-NN conjunction, and trining his natal Jupiter in intense Scorpio. This is clearly a career high. The king of the solar system is also opposing that Mars though, so that could be some feisty opposition.

As has been pointed out by my colleague, Sally Kirkman, today’s line-up in Leo — Venus, Mars, Moon — bodes well for England, whose symbol is three lions. Astrologer Leah Whitehorse has also progressed England’s chart to find that there’s a New Moon in Leo making a conjunction to Jupiter — another Three Lions.

Fingers crossed.

Sorry Italy, but you’ve won plenty of trophies before, and England’s shelf has been gathering dust since 1966.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I think the Italian with the best chart for today extra Leo vibe is tennis player Matteo Berrettini with Sun 23° e Mars 16° Aries ;). I don’t know if it will be enough against Djokovic but I certainly hope so. It’s interesting also that Roberto Mancini, Italy’s manager, has Mars in Virgo too as a part of a stellium with Uranus/Pluto and highly likely the Moon, Sun is in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node so there’s the mobile and Nodes vibe too. Finally, he has transiting Jupiter on natal Venus in Scorpio. Another defining moment in his career.

    • Christina says:

      I’m sorry Berrettini didn’t win. Djokovic has won enough matches already! But I note that Italy also won the Eurovision this year, so they are certainly doing well in international competitions in general. Being the actual final final winner is best of course, but being in the final is great too.

  2. Vesta says:

    haha ‘sorry Italy, but you’ve had your turn’ :’D

    Vesta is also the activist! Which is why I chose it as my username. 🙂

    3 Pisces is fixed star Fomalhaut, ‘noble ideals bring happiness and success’. It’s trine my sun which is why I remember. I think Southgate’s noble ideals are helping form a new national identity after the crisis caused by Brexit and over a decade of Tory rule, which we can probably say is Pluto going through Capricorn in the UK’s 4th house of foundation.

    Pluto is 2 Pisces in the UK chart, 5th house.

    Southgate’s Pallas-NN do seem important. Looks a bit ‘out of the ashes’ to me. Pluto transformation after devastating the foundations?

    My chart angles are the same as the UK’s. I was looking at his Chiron on the UK DC. He’s brought healing! 🙂 ‘Healing others helps you.’

    I remember that missed penalty too. I’m not really into football but that was such a huge moment. I felt so sorry for Southgate after that. The abuse he got for a quarter of a century was deeply unfair. But the challenge worked in his favour. He grew. He transformed and now he’s a shining light. Oh. A superstar! Or a guiding light. There’s something very sure and certain about him, like he’s on solid ground and he knows he is. An inner confidence that’s unshakable. In this time of chaos, that’s comforting. Could be his Virgo planets. I don’t have much earth in my chart, apart from uranus/pluto conjunct in 12H, so maybe I’m drawn to his.

    I really hope England win tonight! But honestly, they’re winners already. I am in awe and admiration of Southgate and his team. If they’re the future, we’re heading in a good direction.

    Thanks, Christina! 🙂 xx

    • Christina says:

      I agree. Just getting this far makes them winners. Without the Italian chart or the match chart, was not possible to predict an actual match winner. But emotionally this is huge for Southgate.

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