America’s Plutonic Fashion Moment

Wednesday September 15th 2021
Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, 14 September 2021

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala, 14 September 2021

The theme of last night’s fashion extravaganza at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City was supposed to be In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. 

Some of the outfits were just that, but the ones that had the greatest impact paid homage to our current Saturn in Aquarius — and most strikingly to America’s Pluto Return, which is approaching with a heavy tread. America’s Pluto is at 27° Capricorn. Pluto by transit made it to 26°48 in April this year, and will spend 2022 bopping back and forth 27°.

For any nation, this is bound to be a testing time.

But what of fashion? Keeping in mind that Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, wears a helmet of invisibility, the stand-out ensemble was worn by Kim Kardashian, who was born with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in the fashion sign Libra.

It’s an astonishing statement — of something. Is it erasure, absence, a void? She looks like a cut-out hole against the gaudy backdrop of the gala.  All kinds of ideas could be projected onto this. It certainly brings to mind the niqab-clad women of Afghanistan, mourning, ninjas, silence, the unspoken, dementors, demons: things rising up from the underworld. Above all, it seems like a statement of grief. Is it grief for those lost in the pandemic, for her own marriage, a loss of American innocence, the children of Sandy Hook?

Kardashian’s outfit designed at Balenciaga is stunning.

But she was not the only person evoking Pluto at this event.

Erykah Badu toting a “machine-gun” purse — actually a dachshund.

Flamboyant double-Pisces Erykah Badu has a midheaven sandwiched by Pluto and Lilith in Virgo, and Sagittarius Rising. Perhaps in response to Ms. Badu, there was quite a bit of Kevlar body armour on display.

Fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond wearing a red Kevlar vest and beautiful shoes, perhaps a reference to Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

There were plenty of all black dresses. Notably, beautiful Sharon Stone and Kaia Gerber.

Sharon Stone, Pluto Rising in Virgo.

Kaia Gerber exemplifying Scorpio Rising, Sun in Virgo

But some of the most lovely looks were Saturn in Aquarius, black and silver.

Kiki Layne was born with Saturn in Aquarius plus Juno, the Queen, so she’s rightly wearing the crown.


Emerging from a spangled starry sky, Anok Yai has a massive stellium in Aquarius

Finally, there was AOC. Reminding of us of who was at this event with her tax the rich dress. Pluto is associated with vast wealth — and with taxes. She has Mercury (words) in Libra (fairness) on the MC (public image) plus Mars-Sun in Libra in the 10th.

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  1. Kathy says:

    This is outstanding! Great analysis!

  2. Michael Crouch says:

    PLUTO in Capricorn (Saturn) influenced the black wardrobe sextile Neptune (fashion) in Pisces. Saturn is classic black.

  3. Isy says:

    That’s a dachshund purse, actually. Check out the ears & feet 🙂

    Stylistically, a machine gun might be more of a “tout ensemble” — but the dachshund is pretty disarming!