This Month’s Podcast: 22 September-22 October: Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Sunday September 19th 2021

This month Sally and I ponder the meaning of the equinox, Kim Kardashian and Mercury retrogrades. You can pick up the podcast from the website’s home page. Here is the link — just scroll down the home page.

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  1. Isy says:

    I was born on the day Mercury stationed direct. I find shoulders, especially the pre-retrograde period, almost always a struggle. The retrograde itself is definitely a time for me to let go of my learned linear thinking, and turn diligently to my serendipitous & organic drive.

    Exciting note… the period around this full moon puts that whole stellium of moon, Mercury, Mars, etc to be opposing the wide and deep stellium I have in my 12th H Aries. Getting out the cushiest shoes for treading gently in…