An Interview about The Quest for Love with Ana Isabel

Monday November 22nd 2021

From the heights of true love to the power of Saturn-Sun conjunctions, astrologer Ana Isabel asks me some probing questions. This was recorded in early November, before I gave a talk about the asteroid Psyche and love stories at the Astrological Lodge of London. She surprised me!

This is part of her series of interesting interviews with astrologers, which you can find on YouTube.

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  1. Marion Murphy says:

    I want to know be the goddess of happily ever after…now I understand why am in this labyrinth of LOVE!

  2. Dawn252 says:

    Thanks for the summary of Psyche’s story – it’s such a long story! Will you be putting the notes from your talk up? Didn’t know your stellium was in the 7th house, so it was illuminating and useful for me! Interesting to see how slight differences in charts play out in different people – astrology is amazing! Thanks, a great interview and new blog to read 😁

    • Christina says:

      And thank you. I think it is useful to know through what filter your astrologer interprets the skies.

      I think I will put the talk up as soon as I can get round to it. But I need to re-record it.