Sag Season Podcast

Thursday November 18th 2021

It’s Sagittarius season — shortly — and the new podcast is ready for listening (or viewing). Despite the eclipses, it looks like a much less stressful month — with a big dollop of joyous Jupiterian energy to see us into the New Year..


The Astrology Talk podcast is now up on the website. You can just listen to it.

or watch it.


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  1. Shirley A SAM Madsen says:

    Hello, Ladies, and Happy Birthday Sally! 💖💖💖 I love Scorpio because both my mother and my husband were Scorpios and I felt so protected. I have Scorpio on the second house cusp and its ruler Pluto in the 10th house next to my Jupiter and somewhat close to Venus in the 10th house. Mars is in the 7th house and gives me angst in relationships. You will like this, my husband’s BD was October 25th, 1923 and my mother’s BD was October 26th, 1920. Someone once asked me if I felt like I married my mother. Not so much but I always felt protected, something I haven’t felt in years. Husband was 20 years older than me and I knew him from age 11. A pretty much karmic relationship that ended in divorce after almost 18 yrs of marriage. It is now I wished we had never done that, I miss him but of course he is gone at age 86 and me at 66. One of the very first astrology classes I went to there was conversation from someone in the group who said if she had a Scorpio baby born she would give it away, and I was going home to my Scorpio husband. I never put too much stalk in that conversation. I have been single since 1979, that was my only marriage, with Libra rising I should have had a loving partner. I just wanted to share my Scorpio story with you both. 💛💚💙🥰 By the way, you both have the most beautiful tresses!!