The Party’s Over For Johnson

Wednesday January 19th 2022

Even as a teenager, Johnson liked to break the rules and party. This is him posing with other members of Oxford’s Bullingdon Club.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is in trouble, but the astrology is sweet.

Blond-bombshell Johnson was born with an extraordinary cosmic signature — Venus Retrograde in the heart of his Gemini Sun. So if you’d speculated that Venus Retrograde periods might be significant for him, you’d have turned out to be right.

When Boris Johnson won a general election on 12 December 2019, Venus was between a rock and an abyss; that is at 19° Capricorn moving from Saturn to Pluto. In the horoscope for the United Kingdom itself (1 Jan 1801), she was transiting directly opposite the Moon, which represents the people in a country’s chart. Maybe Pluto just looked super alluring married to that Venusian glamour in 2019 — anyway it’s what was chosen, leaving beardy Saturnian Jeremy Corbyn, the other rival for the premiership, to wander off into the history books.

Venus is about attractiveness and popularity, among other things. So it’s interesting that this month — 19 December to 29 January — Venus retrogrades over those very same degrees in the Zodiac where Saturn, Venus and Pluto conjoined in December 2019. And the British public is definitely having second thoughts about Mr Johnson.

It turns out that Johnson’s love of parties (a Gemini with Saturn in the 5th might like to party pretty hard) may finally send his popularity right down the drain — as Venus retrogrades over the lowest portion of his chart — and then stations. Indeed, she is opposing his angle of status right now, scraping along the bottom.

The last Venus Retrograde, in 2020 was actually in Gemini. And — you guessed it — Johnson was throwing parties in Downing Street when the rest of the country was in deep lockdown. During the now-infamous 20 May knees up — where suitcases of booze were wheeled into the PM’s residence and grown men played on the kids’ swing and hair was generally let down — Venus was retrograde at 20° Gemini. So that’s come back to bit him… just a bit.

Two days later (22 May) Dominic Cummings, the political advisor partly responsible for shoe-horning him into office, was caught lying about breaking the lockdown rules (sound familiar?). It took Cummings six months before he resigned, and he has since become Johnson’s nemesis, leaking damaging stories drip by drip — including ones about Partygate.

“Obviously the PM has told multiple lies about parties…and forced or encouraged others to tell the media untrue things.” — Dominic Cummings on his blog

It’s not surprising that the two men are enemies. Cummings has five planets in Sagittarius, staring hostilely across the Zodiac at Johnson’s Gemini stellium. In particular, his Mercury-Venus conjunction at 24-25° is just now getting a fiery little boost from Mars, and he is shooting arrows at Johnson, using one of Sagittarius favourite weapons: a lot of words.

Some people might say, it takes one to know one.

Today, 19 January, was an exceptionally torrid day for Johnson. One of his MPs crossed the floor to join the opposition; one of his MPs told him: “In the name of God, go”; and the opposition leader Keir Starmer made mincemeat of him — Virgo-style. Jupiter was right on his Saturn in Pisces by transit: he might be feeling rather afraid that his Uranian “friends” in the 11th house are about to turn against him: Uranus being the planet of change.

He’ll limp on while his party continues the internal psychodrama that’s been wrecking the country for the last decade, but he’ll be gone soon. Watch what happens as Mercury Rx chats with Pluto on 29 January and Venus turns direct, then Mercury comes back for some final words on 11 February, and Venus conjoins Pluto on 3 March.

Then there’s the cost-of-living crisis barrelling down the line to consider…

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  1. Vesta says:

    He will be gone soon. Tories are busy changing the rules for votes of no confidence so they can try again in 6 months instead of waiting a year. Last time we were here, it was Tories trying to get Theresa May out. She refused to accept the first vote of no confidence, then we had months of intense and toxic politics and news until she left, 6 months later?
    What’s different this time is more of the public seem to be aware. Maybe the way Tories mishandled the pandemic forced people to start paying attention, I don’t know, but there are more eyes now than there’s been since maybe Thatcher. That’s more people disillusioned, shaken, distressed, anxious. That’s a mass awakening.
    It’s no coincidence Tories have introduced voter ID to suppress votes. The more people Tories put into difficulty/hardship, the more people become politically aware, the more likely they will shift left. Gerrymandering manages that. For Conservatives, the fewer people voting the better, it guarantees a Conservative win. Because their racist hateful core voters, about a third of the electorate, always vote. Everyone else is scattered and divided, if they vote at all. Can’t have everyone gathering around the next Corbyn, that’s unthinkable. Where would capitalism be then. How would Tory chums get richer.
    There’s a shift left that’s slowly happening around the world as hard right Conservatives take it too far. Their lack of response to climate change is frightening people. Their denial of covid for the sake of personal gain is disturbing.
    When Johnson does go, we’re looking at a replacement. We’ve been repeating this since 2010. Cameron made everyone angry, he left, replaced by Theresa May, who made everyone angry, she left, replaced by Johnson who has made everyone angry…
    In other words, we’re stuck with a party that’s made it so it has perpetual power. It just replaces the leader. They own the media. We could have a saint leading Opposition, the public would be taught to hate them. But the party is barely there. Cameron took it off the world stage, it was a zombie party by the time May took over, it’s been absent under the absent PM.
    It’s grim! And exhausting. I know people were angry today, but to me, it’s boring now. We’ve seen the same thing for over a decade. I’m supposed to find the energy? I didn’t bother.

    • Christina says:

      In the coming months we’re likely to see huge inflation and therefore a cost-of-living crisis: this may bring the country to it’s senses. The crazy right-wing that’s been wagging the Tory Party will stay in charge until the next election, but this may be the beginning of a real awakening to the damage that’s been done over the past 10 years– particularly Brexit but all the other things too — the schools, the NHS, the vulnerable. It’s been revolting. The country may have a giant detox starting now.

      • Christina says:

        I note that I figured Johnson for a future prime minister back in 2012, but I did not think he’d be so very terrible.

        • Vesta says:

          I think I remember that. You were right. I was wondering if you’d write something for us this week, I was waiting for you. 🙂
          Revolting is right. What’s helped me is understanding what’s happening from an astrological perspective, which also gives me hope. I think about what the ways forward might be, if there’s a way out. I was waiting for a mass awakening. Now I’m going to look for a mass detox. It’s all still Pluto in Capricorn.
          I was thinking about what I wrote last night. Deep down, I’m so angry it’s mixed up with feeling like crying. I remember thinking a few years ago that my life was on the line and I wondered if I’d make it to 2020. It’s why I supported Corbyn, I could see that was what we needed. Then came the pandemic and now we’re all worried about our survival. 🙁
          I can see the hard right have a dedicated core voter base they can rely on, the 1% have their disempowered serfs. But the rest of us are divided and scattered. We all have different ideas about what we should do. I don’t know what could unite us. Maybe hardship is it. ‘Death concentrates the mind’. I’m thinking: getting our future back, our survival, health and well-being. And a real rejection of anything right wing, starting with capitalism, that’s the road to destruction.
          I’m keeping an eye on developments in other countries. Germany has gone Green. Chile is exciting. Brazil, Portugal. There are lots of new ideas and movements emerging that may take off. I find it’s quite hard to get news that’s not US or UK but not impossible.
          I’m not worried about China/Russia. I said before I wasn’t. Whatever powerplay they think they’re doing, it’ll be stopped by the global fight against climate change. Like the pandemic, it demands global cooperation. The days of competitiveness are over, it leads to death and destruction. What’s working against us in misinformation.
          The same patterns play out locally, which is why I look. The power struggle between the hard right (elites and their cheerleaders) vs everyone else. That is the right/left divide. If the paradigm of sociopathic business practice and exploiting resources for profit originated in the West (colonialism, empires), and now the West is collapsing, maybe those paradigms are on their way out too. China/Russia are stepping into the void, but it won’t be for long. People are demanding system change. GDP, growth, all that stuff is nonsense. Can’t have infinite growth, for instance.

  2. Lisa says:

    Interesting, thank you! Shame there is no better replacement.