Lilith in Cancer: The Dark Mother

Tuesday May 17th 2022

The Black Moon Lilith will be making her way through the sign of motherhood, Cancer, until January 2023.

This is significant for everyone, of course, but especially those of us with important angles or planets in Cancer or Capricorn, Aries or Libra or probably Pisces.

Wherever Lilith goes she brings a touch of the wild, a sense of danger, of the unknown, of things going out of control. This is one of the most powerful hidden forces in astrology — always to be noted in relationships for example. You leave Lilith out of your prognostications at your peril — like the bad fairy in Sleeping Beauty. Acknowledge her, however, and you too may feel the dark power.


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  1. Vesta says:

    Me. 😅 My Jupiter is 1 Cancer. Tr Lilith and Ceres are conjunct. My Sun is 3 Scorpio, so that’s a harmonious trine. My MC is Cancer, my angles are all the ones mentioned, which are the same as the UK’s. So I wonder what the UK can look forward to? Another Tory politician arrested today on rape charges.
    My Saturn is in Pisces but in the mid degrees so that’s not going to be an issue for a while. And it would be another trine, which I’m hoping is a good thing.
    My Lilith is in Aquarius, conjunct Pallas Athena and Juno. 4th house. Home. Opposing my MC. The three sided thing is right. Either I start off in a couple and a third party appears, or there was a third party all along I didn’t know about, like Princess Diana and Camilla. On occasion, men have tried to make me the third party, but I’m sun Scorpio, I’m loyal, no thanks. It’s my dealbreaker. I’ve never tried to fight to keep anyone. I figure if there’s a third party, and if my partner’s focus isn’t on me, then there’s no need for me to stay. I’d rather a partner stayed because he chose to and it’s what he wants. Maybe that’s my Pallas Athena helping me.
    Because I know it’s in my chart, it’s put me off looking for a relationship again. I’m making my peace with being happy on my own. I have trust issues now anyway.
    So Lilith hitting me hard this year. I wonder what it could bring?
    Thanks, Christina. Lovely jewellery, I have to say. 😊 xx

    • Christina says:

      Thank you — it belonged to my mother — who had Lilith in the heart of her Libra Sun.

      Interesting about the UK chart…

  2. Isy says:

    Sorry, that remark was needless. Will you delete it? Thx!

  3. Isy says:

    “Powering or disempowering parenthood.”


    Cancer is my 4th. No kids of my own, but… here we go.

  4. Jeanne says:

    I think you are right on with Lilith and Roe v Wade. And also, here comes Ceres just when we are having an infant formula crisis in the US.

    There is much to improve in the way US policy treats mothers of small children and perhaps we’ll get some forward movement with Lilith in Cancer.

  5. Dawn252 says:

    Was wondering what happened the last time Lilith entered Cancer, 27 years ago. October 1995 – is that right?

    • Christina says:

      9 years ago. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I’ll check the dates…
      Went in on 9 June, 2013 — exited 4 March, 2014

  6. Jeanne says:

    And now she has stolen more babies, in Texas. The US needs to learn to love its children.

    • Christina says:

      Lilith currently at 4° Cancer conjunct Ceres right between the US Venus at 3° and Jupiter at 5°