Kate Bush’s Surge

Tuesday June 14th 2022

Kate Bush, visionary song-writer and performer, is being rediscovered by a whole new generation, thanks to the inclusion of her song Running Up That Hill in the TV series Stranger Things.

For a person born with a Uranus-Sun conjunction in Leo, of course, nothing is strange, and anything can be performed.

I wrote about Bush a few years ago, comparing her chart to Madonna’s. The two divas were born just a few weeks apart. Back then, I thought that she might have Pisces Rising, since she is a visionary and musician, and her production company is called Fish People. If this is the case, she’s just had that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction near her Ascendant and Neptune is still there; today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius would be on her MC. But without a definite birth time that is just speculative.


What else could account for her sudden rediscovery by Gen Z? In fact, without that speculative birth time, there does not seem to be anything obvious at first. Except. In her natal chart, Bush’s North Node (her destiny) is in a tight conjunction to the Lord of Fame and Success, Jupiter, in airy Libra.┬áTransiting Saturn is stationing in a perfect trine and sextile to that lucky conjunction, which is helpful, crystallising her legacy. Neptune, the Lord of Glamour and Music, is also aspecting that same conjunction s by semi-sextile and quincunx. These latter are minor aspects, but they are exact and when an outer planet makes them, we should take notice. All are at 25┬░.

Note also that the lucky star, Spica, said to bring success and fame, is at 23+┬░ Libra in conjunction with her natal Jupiter.

Today, and this week, the Sun in Gemini creates a perfect Grand Trine, aspecting transiting Saturn and Bush’s natal Jupiter-NN.


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  1. Theresa says:

    According to Astrotheme her birth time is 2.30pm which gives her a Scorpio ascendant.