Emily Maitlis Drops a Truth Bomb

Thursday August 25th 2022

Those of you who listen to the Astrology Talk Podcast will already know that the word Sally and I chose for this month was “surreal” a truly Uranian word. As that planet stations on 24 August and gets back into a tough square with Saturn, its influence is extremely evident. So it was nice to hear, veteran broadcaster Emily Maitlis describe this summer as surreal too, while she was busy dropping a Uranian truth bomb on the British media establishment

Now that she’s left the BBC, Maitlis can speak freely about the terrible effect of populism on reporting standards. She explained why BBC “balance” is actually “both-sideism”, giving false equivalence to ideas. Her description of interviewing Robert De Niro is an ear-opener.

Maitlis’ own chart is fascinating — and an excellent example of why Mercury Rx does not mean you can’t communicate! Take a look at that incisive, intelligent Pluto-Mercury conjunction in clever Virgo. Talk about speaking truth to power… and zero waffle in the lecture too. This is a very focused person.

Note there is no birth time.

The current transit chart is for yesterday’s talk — the very day when Uranus stationed. This is an explosive lecture, breaking open (Uranus-Saturn square) old ways of doing journalism.Β On this day, transiting Jupiter is opposing Maitlis’ own Uranus in Libra. Her lecture is all about balance, imbalance and perceived balance.

The Sun is also right on her Mars-SN conjunction. This talk took guts.

So glad she’s starting a new podcast.


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  1. Vesta says:

    The ‘terrible effect of populism on reporting standards’ is one of the things I noticed. She criticised it, then also confirmed the divide between the powerful and the people when she listed the abuses of power by this government and others, and her own boss, Robbie Gibb, a Tory chum.
    Tories have their own in senior positions across all institutions, which gives them immense, unimaginable power. That and ignoring norms and conventions, that John Major recently spoke about, tells us that what Tories have done is a massive wealth and power grab.
    When did it begin? I make it the last half century or so. The right wing started to drift right during the 1960s, Tories started dismantling what they had built together with Labour post-WWII. Thatcher stepped it up. It’s been a long and drawn out process but they have succeeded in reversing things back to previous centuries. The UK was the most equal country in the world in the 1970s, now the wealth gap and inequality is Victorian? Pre-Victorian?
    Anne Ortelee tweets the aspects. She sets them up on Sunday I think and they automatically post at the right time. So this was half an hour or so before Emily Maitlis’s lecture. 6.30pm our time. https://twitter.com/AnneOrtelee/status/1562492507941769216
    “Venus in Leo on a World Point trine Chiron in Aries. The Goddess of Love has to feel confident within herself in order to show up and share all her gifts with the world. She’s proud — but right now she’s feeling slighted. Let her know you still want her.”
    Emily Maitlis, Venus. Aries is the UK’s 7th house, open enemies, where Chiron is transiting. It’s significant.
    I also feel it’s significant it was a woman who did this. Men have blown the whistle before, eg Peter Oborne, Conservative journalist who quit the Telegraph, Paul Mason quit BBC Newsnight, both for the same reasons, and nothing changed. BBC have lost thousands of staff in recent years, journalists at newspapers are told to toe the party line or be sacked. Emily Maitlis was describing this pressure too. Pressure from the top.
    There were a few perspectives I disagreed with, opinions. but that’s ok, detail next to the big picture.
    Transiting Jupiter Rx is on UK’s DC 7 Aries (my DC also which is how I remember). 7th house, open enemies. You said something about that in your podcast.
    Oh! Emily Maitlis’s Scorpio Jupiter is exactly conjunct my Sun! And trine my Cancer Jupiter. I’ve been defending her in social media. I’m not happy about the attacks. But I defend journalists. I don’t like seeing the public wound up, someone always acts out. Our anger should be directed towards those in power. Her moon 17 Scorpio is close to my Neptune/sun-moon midpoint 19 Scorpio. Could be I have an affinity with her, or I understand she isn’t at fault? I’m not angry with her like many people are for the part she played in stopping Corbyn, I’m angry at her boss and those in power. I don’t have a blindspot on the powerful like a lot of people seem to. Could be my sun Scorpio, I don’t know. Oh, maybe my uranus/pluto in 12H?
    Her moon is also opposite that trio in Taurus right now, Mars/Uranus/NN. I should imagine she felt compelled? Maybe that’s where the courage came from?
    There we go. Emily Maitlis’s Uranus 7 Libra is on the UK’s AC. And mine. Confirms what you’ve been saying about Uranus.
    Very exciting!
    Thanks, Christina πŸ™‚

    • Vesta says:

      oh I forgot to write about both-sidesism. False equivalence. This is huge. We have to stop this practice if we are to make a start on tackling climate change, and also any mis/dis-information, vaccines, covid, anything. There are some doctors who flat refused to do interviews when BBC etc put them on at the same time as deniers. They said it was just so insulting not to mention frustrating. Same for climate scientists.
      So that’s a lot of information the public should have had but didn’t. No wonder people are confused.
      We can try and help each other where we can, but that doesn’t mean we have the same impact as authority. There’s a world of difference between me saying ‘yes, masks protect both the wearer and others’ and a scientists/doctor saying it.
      We need an effective, proper, fully-functioning media. We don’t have one right now, and people are dying because of it. πŸ’”

  2. Iris says:

    The uploaded video is not available at least in one country outside the UK, but here is an alternative still available on the net:

    Fascinating lecture. Astute and articulate.