September Horoscopes

Wednesday August 31st 2022


Open Window, Eretat, Henri Matisse

Open Window, Eretat, Henri Matisse

The Sun is in mutable earth at this time of year, in the sign of Virgo. There’s always something a little wistful about September — at least in the North. All the bustle of August holidays is over, empty ice-cream wrappers blow in an easterly wind, and the children are confined once more to the classrooms.

On the other hand, the Sun is still warm, and the beach is empty now — how delightful. Can we grab a few more warm days and a dip in the sea before it’s too late…? Oh wait, the seas around here have become utterly polluted and unswimmable, but that is part of the wrongness of 2022.

The surreality of last month leaks into early September, and it may all feel a bit confusing for a while. But actually, there’s some interesting and practical, positive energy swirling around too in the midst of this season of change.

Try to go with the mutable flow, and don’t expect everything to have traction. While some areas are GO, others are shrug and dilly dally.

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