Iran’s Mid-Life Crisis, A Break for Freedom

Monday October 10th 2022

About half-way through a person’s life — in their early 40s — the planet of rebellion, revolution and change, Uranus comes to a point exactly 180° from where he was at birth. It’s called a half-return.

Astrologers used to equate this with the classic mid-life crisis — fast cars, divorce, younger lovers and generally Columbo-culprit behaviour. That was because freedom in mid-life in the 1970s was assumed to be a break from conventional marriage — but who has one of those these days?  Things have moved on and the shapes of our lives are changing. These days, the freedom the Uranus half-return offers may mean having a baby, finally getting married, starting a totally different career, or moving to Saratoga Springs. One generation’s freedom is the next generation’s lifestyle. And so it goes round and round.

Anyway, to get to the point, yesterday, my friend Seema pointed out that Iran was having a Uranus half-return, and that was probably the astrological trigger for the incredible, courageous uprising we are witnessing. She’s right, of course. It’s the break for freedom at mid-life. One generation embraced the hijab as a symbol of liberation from an oppressive monarchy in 1979, and this generation rejects it as a symbol of oppression in 2022.

As you can see, using the date for Islamic Republic Day celebrated in Iran, Uranus was in Scorpio back in 1979 when the Iranians voted in a referendum for an Islamic State. Today, Uranus is half-way round the Zodiac in Taurus, and making a conjunction to the North Node, which shows us the location of eclipses. Indeed, Uranus will be activated by the upcoming eclipses in Scorpio (25 October) and Taurus (8 November).

The uprising itself has been triggered by Gen Z, the generation of revolutionaries — Greta, Malala, Parkland, Joshua Wong, the list is getting longer and longer. And now there are martyrs too, like Mahsa Amini, whose murder at the hand of the morality police, sparked these protests. They are all born with Pluto in firebrand philosopher Sagittarius. Girls are at the forefront and the item in question is the hijab, the hair-covering, a symbol of state suppression in Iran.  Note how in the natal chart, Saturn (restriction), opposes Venus in Pisces, a place where the planet of young women is exalted. As so often, women’s bodies have become the site of political struggle.

Note also:

TrMoon-Mars conjoins natal Moon
This was on the day of Mahsa Amini’s death. The Moon triggers tr Mars and Iran’s own Moon (the people of the country).

TrVenus-Sun to natal Pluto in Libra
A confrontation with the full glare of publicity between the dark forces of the “morality police” (a perfect description of Pluto in Libra) and young women.

South Node to cross the IC
Undermining for the regime

Pluto to oppose Jupiter
I hope this is not a symbol of a horrendous crackdown by the authorities as Pluto leaves Capricorn, but it looks scary. The rebellion may go underground temporarily, but Uranus remains in that telling opposition to itself right into 2024! So I don’t see this going away fast. A Uranus half-return demands change.

trSaturn on the Descendant
Open resistance, confrontation.

Jupiter will transit the Iranian Sun next year, which could also be quite high-voltage.

Neptune is transiting Mars.
Maybe this means army/police resistance will melt away. I hope so.

The time for this chart is taken from Nick Campion’s World Horoscopes Book (but I am not sure why he has 3pm, so take with a pinch of salt, although the angles are certainly activated by the current transits.) The transit date is for the day Mahsa Amini was murdered.


Marjorie Orr has written about this too.

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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Thanks Christina. Ceres ( women’s rights in my book:)) also incredibly important. She’s about to conjunct Saturn ( women mean business) and she is about to square the Moon and trine Chiron. An opportunity to heal women. She also just opposed Venus. All feminine planets are involved. As well as that she is being transited ( she’s at 15 Pisces) by Sun and Venus and has also been triggered by that Uranus nodes. The time is right!

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for that great insight, Faye.

      • Seema says:

        Thanks for the great insights here Christina. I had a hunch but you really brought out all the nuances in the chart and transits and the parallels with these events.

        As I said to you, I thought that this could go either way but looking at the news today, some conservative politicians in Iran are considering a rethink about the policing of hijabs. So fingers crossed for our Iranian sisters.