Rishi Sunak: The Eclipse Prime Minister

Tuesday October 25th 2022

In sharp contrast to Boris Johnson, Sunak is always exquisitely groomed.

Yesterday, Conservative members of parliament voted to make Rishi Sunak Prime Minister of Great Britain.

He’s by far the wealthiest person ever to have held that office. He’s also the youngest in a very long time, and he’s the first British Asian. He’s also been in parliament for what must be one of the shortest, if not the shortest, periods before taking office.  In short, he is unlike any previous prime minister in multiple ways.

Astrologically, this is fascinating.

This is a sunrise char, so ASC is not accurate.

Sunak is in the foothills of his Uranus half-return. He was born with Uranus, the planet of revolution and uniqueness, at 23° Scorpio — and currently Uranus is at 17° Taurus, the opposite sign — and Sunak’s Sun sign. This is the classic mid-life crisis transit. And for someone with this natal opposition, it is bound to be startling. His life may often have been one of sudden leaps in fortune: his Sun-Uranus opposition is at right angles to his nodes. The South Node in Aquarius, the sign of the commoner, and the North Node in the sign of kings, showing a clear direction in life. This natal pattern is awakened by this season’s eclipses.

Today’s eclipse in Scorpio is at 2° Scorpio, but the nodes themselves are at 13° — right on Sunak’s awkward Chiron. Saturn is at 18° approaching Sunak’s South Node. The Total Lunar Eclipse of 8 November is at 16° Taurus. So you can see that this is an example of an eclipse catapulting someone into a new phase. Liz Truss resigned last week — and this week he’s stepping into Number 10. It’s extraordinarily rapid. Both eclipses, but especially the one in November, rope in Uranus, a planet that on its own can turn things upside down, so double that energy now.

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  1. Christina says:

    Just noted that Sunak met King Charles during the eclipse itself.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the interesting and stimulating chart of Rishi Sunak. However, I am baffled by the “sunrise chart”.
    Having practiced astrology for 32 years, I also choose charts with the Sun on the Ascendant when the birth hour is unknown.
    However, my own (and many others’) choice go to Solar charts, where all the houses stand at the same degree as the Sun.
    I have found these charts to yield a good deal of accurate information and even predictions.
    With all due respect, I am not so sure that varying house cusps alongside a Sun rising Ascendant yield the same accuracy.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you. I don’t really look at the houses with a sunrise chart at all anyway. I only use houses when I have a more accurate birth time.