Where The Hell Are We? One Year On

Friday October 7th 2022

I gave this talk this time last year (2021) for Aquarius Severn, putting our times in their historical context. This ia a broad overview of the current astrology, exploring the spirit of these times — a vision which sometimes gets lost as we leap from one lunation to the next. Context is everything!

I watched it again just now to see how things had worked out, and really it’s just as useful today as it was last year. Indeed, I learned some stuff myself (again). Even if you caught it last year, it’s worth watching again, I think — and if you haven’t seen this, I think you’ll find it really helpful, especially for looking forward and planning 2023.

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  1. Isy says:

    That was fun!
    I sent you a pessimistic note about the US Election Day, when the Moon will be in eclipse and all the outer planets except Pluto & Saturn will be retrograde.

    I’ve been mulling that, as Mercury trawls through its own shadow… and I’m revising my pessimism.

    What if the outer planets are reversing their views of the Powers That Be and of what they’ll allow to control them? The Moon’s eclipse may be about the populace moving out of range, rather than it being smothered or undone.

    We’re beginning to see the injudicious effects of the GOP suborning the judiciary. I *hope* to see them swallowed in one gulp, although the careful gerrymandering makes that improbable… not impossible, though. Go, Eris!

  2. Christina says:

    Pluto is marching out of its Return in the US. I am hoping that might mean exeunt Clarence Thomas stage left.