Wednesday January 11th 2023

Mercury in Capricorn Rising on the day of publication in the UK.

I’ve been avoiding the whole Harry/Meghan/etc saga, but yesterday it was so in my face that I thought I’d sneak a peek at the prince’s chart. My question was essentially: why now for Harry?

I looked at just three charts: Prince Harry’s natal chart, which has an A rating on the Rodden scale (although my friend Heather has pointed out the he looks a lot more Sag Rising than Cap), the current transits, and his progressed chart.

I am not going to add my opinion except to say 😱.

I’ll show you Harry’s big hitting astrology and leave you to your own conclusions. If you want to comment, let’s try to be kind — to everyone. I have put into bold the things I think are most important.

Transiting planets to natal chart

— Tr Mercury rx, the communicator, on Harry’s ASC. 2°. See also the cover of his book, also the fact that he’s looking at the past (Rx). Also Mercury is the planet of siblings.
— Tr Mars rx, activator, stationing direct on Harry’s Chiron. Exact. Approaching an opposition to his natal Uranus. 1°
— Tr Uranus on Harry’s IC 2° and leaving a conjunction with the NN.
— Tr SN leaving a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio. 2°

More generally

— Tr Moon in Leo, sign of royals opposite Tr Saturn.
— A giant stellium in the prince’s first house.

Progressed chart to natal chart

Remember that many planets move so slowly by progression that they are pretty much in the same place as the natal chart.

Progressed Sun conjunct natal Pluto at 0° Scorpio — a bajillion year cycle. Most people don’t get this. The Sun moves one degree a year, so this informs the whole year. Also this is in the natal house of publishing and broadcasting. Progressed Sun will then move on to a conjunction with Progressed Pluto in a couple of years.
Approaching progressed New Moon — this is a 27 year cycle. Moon in a balsamic phase, so a time of endings. The Moon moves one degree a month, so the New Moon will be in about six months.
Progressed Mars Rising.

Why now? Mercury is the trigger, of course. Uranus is the revolutionary on the angle of roots. Progressed Sun on Pluto: no turning back.


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  1. Shirley says:

    Poor old Harry, he’s hurting all right. One thing about his chart that really stands out for me is that, of all the many many charts I’ve ‘collected’ over the years, his is the only one that has Jupiter out of bounds, and in the 12th, or of course it could be the 1st, if he does have Sag rising.

  2. Vesta says:

    The Capricorn stellium right now is in the UK’s 4th house. The IC is 9 Capricorn, same as mine which is how I remember. Harry is rocking the foundations of the UK, as if they weren’t already in smithereens after 13 years of Tories, austerity ideology, and also Brexit. We were already having a national identity crisis since the EU referendum, ‘is this who we are?’, and now Harry and Meghan are holding a mirror up. The monarchy was supposed to be a steady presence, something we could rely on and take for granted, something we thought we knew.
    The tide has turned on Brexit, people are looking at how we can put things right. Rejoin? A new relationship? We’ve reached the end of the line on that Brexit project.
    Have we reached the end of the line for the monarchy? At first, I thought Harry’s book would help abolish the monarchy, I was confused by some of the media reports. But listening to his interview on Sunday, I realised he’s going after our toxic British media. He is criticising his family but he doesn’t wish them harm, he’s standing up to them and keeping the door open for reconciliation. He’s doing it via the same channels they used against him.
    Go on, Harry! I couldn’t be happier. If he transforms the monarchy at the same time, well good. If he abolishes it, also good. I know we’re told that officially there’s a lot of public support for the monarchy, but who tells us that? Our toxic British media…
    I really like Harry and Meghan. I believe in them and their love for each other.
    It’s quite funny to me our toxic British media use Harry and Meghan as a smokescreen to bury other news behind – eg all the strikes right now, the NHS on the brink of collapse, Tory destruction – but it’s backfiring because Harry and Meghan are holding a mirror up to our media. Doh! Our toxic British media is caught in a trap of its own making. Our media doesn’t have the power it once had, but they don’t seem to have realised. So they look a bit daft, losing control and getting hysterical over Harry and Meghan.
    I saw in one of the Queen Elizabeth documentaries after she died that the relationship between the monarchy and our media changed in her time. I can’t remember the detail now but the Queen did something and some vicious little hack was poisonous about her. That was the turning point. It was sometime in the 1960s. The peak should have been Diana’s death but it continued. Now we’re hearing the monarchy itself used our media against Harry and Meghan.
    So 1960s and today. That would be uranus/pluto? We had the squares about a decade ago, but I think they’re still playing out. Transformation is slow. I’d put monarchy/media with all the other themes that have recurred over the last half century, 1960s and today. Harry’s Virgo sun is close to where uranus/pluto were conjunct in the mid-60s.
    Thanks, Christina 🙂 x

  3. And Christina, you are missing probably the biggest transit of the lot, with transiting Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun, effective for the last year but especially since the Autumn of 2022. Combined with the Progressed Pluto on the Sun, that has/is putting him under so much pressure, and victimising him like you would not believe. How can you see straight and clearly with those influences on him. When they clear and he wakes up from the of spell of deception and sufferring that he has been under, I wonder what his reaction will be….?

  4. Nuria says:

    Re his ASC I think Capricorn, with the ruler in Scorpio conjunct the MC, fits perfectly. The fact that he is second born consumes him with envy, anger and resentment – how can he leave his mark on the world?

    Agree with Paul on the effect of tr Neptune opposing his Sun – he comes across has having lost the plot, to put it mildly. And with tr Neptune and Jupiter in his second house he makes his income from publishing his ‘memoirs’ (or rather his fiction) and spreading his ‘truth’. Very fitting. And all of this supported by pr Sun on his Pluto as outlined by you. None of these transits and progressions have to be lived out this way, in his or anyone else’s chart, but he appears to have chosen (or mistaken) the role of victim over the role of hero. On that note my hope is that when tr Neptune enters Aries we might, collectively, shift away from the current glamourisation of victimhood.

  5. Karen says:

    I know what you mean Christina, I’ve been avoiding the whole Harry saga as often as I can too. And I’m old enough to have felt like Harry & William could have been my boys when their dear mum died. (In that I’ve prayed for Diana and her two sons as I’ve seen them growing up and living through all of the sorrows and joys.) It’s sad to see any two brothers at odds with each other, and especially these two, who have so much going for them, and who could help lead the world in a better direction if they were both working in tandem. Families should find that peace and unity if at all possible; so that it will be easier for the rest of the world to enjoy it. I’m not an expert on astrology like many are around here, though I have had an interest in it since I was around 11. It was one of the things that got me through my own early family trials—learning that there are cycles to things, and this too must pass, and of course it’s all in how you handle things. I think I agree that Harry is likely a Cap rising. Perhaps those Sag influences help blur this a bit? One reason I think that Cap rising is likely accurate is that Harry seemed to get along with his sister-in-law Kate well (I think she is a Cap), until Harry was wed. Aside from Publishing, I think the 9th house might also pertain to things spiritual. If Harry can find the deep side of faith during these trials of theirs, perhaps he can come to forgive William, and William can get over his hurt as well. I’m sure William sacrificed for Harry and the rest of the family in ways that Harry doesn’t know about. So I hope they can get away together at some point, for however long it takes–perhaps on a long nature walk, and talk things out. Harry was hurt because he believed William was in league with a brief against him, but that doesn’t seem to be William’s heart. As far as the monarchy, King Charles seems keen to slim it down and reform it. As a U.S. citizen, I’m not sure if the U.S. reverted to being a monarchy that it would be such a bad thing. We had a President elected before the current one because of the public’s thirst for glamour (in that case it was faux) and people’s need to bask in the glow of a public figure. People need to be dazzled it seems, but sometimes fall for fool’s gold. I’m not sure the U.S. shouldn’t have a monarch with no power at all, and then elect another leader to run the government. (But that would be the tip of the iceberg–many reforms should be made. A big one should be requiring candidates to meet certain standards with their resumes and undergo background checks before they can even run. If any of Harry’s children were born in the U.S., perhaps one could even run for the highest office in the land here. Thank-you for your interesting columns.

    • Christina says:

      In a lot of countries, prime minister and president are two separate jobs. India generally has a cultural leader as president, while the prime minister actually runs the country. It’s like the difference between a chairman and a ceo. That’s a good observation about the thirst for glamour… It’s a dangerous thing.

  6. Iris says:

    I was hoping you’d do a take on this Christina, thank you for this article and everyone for all the interesting comments. I thought Uranus had to be involved and look at that upsetter right on the IC, wow. The public response and the tide of discussion and foment has been fascinating, as has people puzzling over just why they are so compelled by the story one way or another.

    • Christina says:

      The story is truly archetypal, but it does make me feel uncomfortable as these are all real people with real feelings. I wish it was a work of fiction!

      • Iris says:

        Yes you’re so right and I appreciate that comment, and didn’t mean to sound callous. It’s excruciating to have so much personal pain playing out to a spectating crowd and strangers opinions being aired on it all.

  7. Faye Blake says:

    Hi Christina – I appreciate your post as there is so much vitriol out there. Harry is a feeing human as we all are! The transit I felt drawn to comment on is the one you mention – Mars activating his Chiron Uranus opposition. In my experience this is a very old wound – I use Chiron in past life regression work as I often see the symbolism of wounds there. A Uranus wound is feeling different, not fitting and especially feeling abandoned. Mars is allowing him to express his pain around this feeling of being ousted. He has probably always felt he didn’t belong. Unsurprising with all the talk around whether Charles was really his father. He is angry but especially deeply hurt by this I think. The healing will hopefully come for him when he can embrace his uniqueness and stop trying to fit in.

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I found this particular aspect astonishing — and suggests that he is really hurting. I agree about the Uranus-Chiron aspect: it speaks of a deep sense of alienation.

  8. Andrea Marc says:

    Regarding Harry as a late Sag rising or a Cap. He’s stubborn, for sure–but it is royal tradition to fudge birth times for public announcement because astrology, like homeopathy, has long held a place of respect in the British culture. Too much public insight is not the royal way.

  9. Louise Larchbourne says:

    I find it telling among other things that he has Pluto on a degree which, coupled with its opposite, has been repeatedly significant in British royal charts. Especially pertinent here, it’s opposite his father’s Moon and his late grandmother’s Sun. Depth charge on them and what they represent, from Charles’s roots (4th) targeting his role in life. Had to happen; though he could also have worked this planet from inside, also challenging of course. It precisely trines his brother’s Sun.