Loud Passions Interview: Paradigm of Astrology, Divine Feminine and More

Wednesday February 22nd 2023

Back in June 2021, mid-pandemic, Suzannah Galland interviewed me for her her podcast, Loud Passions. Suzannah asked really big questions about astrology in general, the divine feminine. Jupiter in Pisces, the pandemic…. and more. So I had to think quite hard when answering!

But it’s only just been published now. Mars in Gemini is going over the eclipse point of the day this was recorded. As Suzannah’s team began to put together this series of podcasts, Mars was retrograding over that point. Now, we’re back again. Gemini is, of course, the interviewer’s sign, two heads talking to each other.

Episode 5: Paradigm of Astrology, Impending AI Transition and Divine Feminine with Christina Rodenbeck

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  1. Isy says:

    Delightful, as always — but almost a year? It’s possible it got lost and finally turned up again!

    • Christina says:

      Actually more than a year. I think this was 2021! So it’s already quite retro in some ways, but I found that makes it more interesting.