Aries Season Podcast: Jump!

Sunday March 19th 2023


The beginning of the astrological year is super-powered in 2023. Sally and I had so much to tell you in this month’s podcast — Pluto changing signs, phenomenal New Moons, Mars finally leaving Cancer. We’re going to jumpstart, jump for joy and, maybe, jump rope, and someone’s going to jump the queue.

You can find the audio or video here — just scroll down.

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  1. Denise says:

    Happy Spring! I definitely felt that energy shift.
    As you said, we could talk about Pluto forever – I noticed that asteroid Eros is moving into conjunction with Pluto, exact on the 25th as Mars moves into Cancer. Wondered if there was any significance, as Eros is considered pretty minor. Then I remembered that there is an expectation that Donald Trump may be indicted this week on criminal charges of campaign finance violations related to payment of hush money to a porn star during the last US presidential election.