International Women’s Day

Wednesday March 8th 2023


The first national women’s day seems to be 28 February 1909 — as far as I can find. It was organised by the Socialist Party of America. The idea began to spread and by 11 March, 1911, the first International Women’s Day was marked by more than a million people across German-speaking nations.

Then in 1917, on 8 March, things snowballed. It was the Women’s Day march by textile workers for “bread and peace” that sparked the second Russian Revolution that eventually overthrew the czars and led to the creation of the USSR. It’s worth noting that it was a women’s march on the palace of Versailles — last time Pluto was in Aquarius — also for bread that led to the French Revolution. Uranus was in Aquarius in 1917 in case you wondered.

International Women’s Day was revived by feminists in the 1970s and officially declared a thing by the UN in 1977, which I suppose ┬ámakes that a good day to choose for the chart.

And the chart feels right. Cancer Rising: the sign of mothers and children. Venus in Aries: women warriors. Moon in Libra: the need for equality. And Mars in Aquarius: fighting for fairness. Not to mention that powerful nodal access across a political axis Libra and Aries, justice & personhood.

If we took this as a chart for women’s rights globally, we’d note that the powerful opposition across the nodal axis — Libra-Aries — has been squared by Pluto for the past 15 years, and that Pluto has been occupying the house of allies and enemies at that time. I think this also fits with the revival of third wave feminism combining with a huge backlash in the shape of, for example, Andrew Tate and various political leaders At the same time, Neptune washed across the top of the chart and the Sun as #MeToo took off from Hollywood, the most Neptunian city on the planet.

Let’s see what happens as Saturn starts making his presence felt in Pisces. Will this be a couple of years when past efforts are consolidated?


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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Interesting – thanks Christina . I like the 1917 chart better for Moscow? as it has Sun Mars conjunct in Pisces opp Ceres and probably close to Moon in Virgo – the feisty working women against the leaders! Also a quintile which I see as a talent Ceres Pluto = power to the women!

  2. Victoria R says:

    Christina: What do you make of the fact that all those points and bodies are intercepted across the Libra-Aries axis?

    • Christina says:

      I spent today at the Women of the World festival in London and have come back feeling quite depressed! Interception indicates struggle I think — and it has been a long one.

  3. Dawn says:

    I don’t think Neptune in Pisces is good for women. I can’t wait for it to leave