May Horoscopes: Signs of Change

Sunday April 30th 2023
Plaque with the four gospels surrounding the lamb of god. Southern Italy c1050.

Plaque with the four gospels surrounding the lamb of god. Southern Italy c1050.

The year’s clock ticks on. Here we are already, halfway between the equinox and the solstice. An important tock, or possibly tick, is the change of signs by Jupiter, the King of Olympus. In his royal progress through the Zodiac, Jupiter moves into a new sign (usually) just once a year, taking 12 years to make his way around the whole circle of signs.

We start May in the countdown to his change of signs, an important few weeks when Jupiter we may reap some of the abundance of Jupiter in a particular part of the sky. Just over a fortnight more in Aries, the sign of beginnings, fire, initiation, Mars. On 16 May, Jupiter steps from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, standing in the blossoming orchard, the singing garden of the Bull. We are entering a 12-month of Jupiter in this Venus-ruled place. This is a placement of great abundance, animal passion, profound attachment.

This month, there is a ton of energy in Taurus, but also an eclipse on 5 May in his opposite sign, Scorpio, sometimes represented by the eagle. Pluto is in Aquarius, the sign of the angel, and Mars will be in Leo from 20 May.┬áThis tension across the Fixed signs is strong, and potentially brittle, but it’s relieved by planets moving through other parts of the sky.

It’s an exciting month, a time of change and new possibilities. Spring.

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