Talking About Teaching Teenagers & Helping Families

Tuesday June 6th 2023

As you  know, members of the Oxford Astrologer have a monthly Q&A, which really ought to be relabelled a salon, since, in fact, everyone pitches in. Usually, it’s closed so that people can talk freely, but I am publishing this one because Alex Trenoweth was kind enough to come along and talk about her book Growing Pains: The Astrology of Adolescence.

If you are a parent or grandparent, you’ll want to watch this, of course. But if you are an actual teenager, I think it’s especially helpful, and furthermore you can extrapolate what is being explored here — Jupiter and Saturn cycles — throughout the whole of your life.

Astrology is mostly about cycles once you have understood the natal chart, and understanding them is really the key to working with astrology.

Next month we’ll be back to the closed sessions, so we can all let our hair down.

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