Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Think It Over

Wednesday August 23rd 2023


Mercury, the planet of communications, speed and thought turns retrograde on 23 August. This is his third retrograde of 2023 — first in Capricorn, then Taurus, now Virgo. There will be another in December. All are in practical earth signs, which means this most the rethinking or redoing associated with a retrograde are likely to have real world effects.

In Virgo, Mercury is in one of his own signs, which gives this retrograde some extra oomph. It’s perfectly timed for the beginning of the academic year in most countries, when some of us will already be rethinking what we’ve committed too.

Use the energy to write, think, read, reflect.

It’s one of many retrogrades taking place right now. Venus is currently retrograde in Leo until 4 September, and Jupiter and Uranus will both turn retrograde in Taurus within the next few weeks. That means the absolute forward momentum of the first half of the year is definitely over and it’s time to dig in, define ourselves or our projects more clearly — and slow down (if you have not done so already).

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