September Horoscopes: Making the Moment Last

Thursday August 31st 2023

Michel Foucault and his cat Insanity (yup).

We are our pets: our pets are us. Or so we may believe. Who knows what’s really going on beneath those be furred skulls. What is true though is that Virgo is a writer’s sign, and if you type in the words writers and cats into a search engine, you will be deluged with images. Astrologically, small pets are assigned to the Sixth House. So as the Sun is now in the Sixth sign, I’m celebrating authors and their tiny daimons.

Mercury, the messenger and god of writing and words, is retrograde, of course, looking back in time to a previous century when photography was mostly black and white, and writers might even have used typewriters. The act of writing is, among other things, about capturing a moment, making it last — a thoroughly retrogradian activity.

But he is not the only planet looking backwards rather than forwards. Retro is the look of September. To find out how to deal with all that, read your monthly horoscope.

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