October Horoscopes: Forbidden Fruit

Saturday September 30th 2023
Eve. Lucien Levy Dhurmer

Eve. Lucien Levy Dhurmer

There is a major handover this October. The eclipses are moving from the axis of money, Taurus-Scorpio, to the axis of relationship or innocence and experience, Aries-Libra. What is more, the planet of the underworld, Pluto, stations and turns direct, ready to march straight out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.

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The Dark Goddess, Lilith, is changing signs on 3 October. After spending most of the year in Leo, wearing a glittering crown, painting her toenails red and luxuriously eating peaches — OK, OK that is just a fantasy, but you get the picture — Lilith is putting on a new costume now — mistress of the secret garden. I’ll be doing a video about this soon for subscribers, and working up some dates for you.


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