Seasons Greetings and December Horoscopes

Thursday November 30th 2023

This year’s perfectly timed Mercury Retrograde may have us all rifling through our bookshelves for comfort reads.

This time of rising darkness in the North, and ebbing darkness in the South, reaches its peak at the Winter Solstice on 22 December. Perhaps you can feel the pull of that tide, swirling towards the deepest darkness. At that moment in our calendar, the invincible Sun dies and is reborn. The Romans celebrated the birth of Sol Invictus on 25 December.

For astrologers, the Solstice is one of the four Cardinal points of the year, the day the Sun moves from fiery, mutable Sagittarius into the first sign of the winter, Capricorn. This is a movement from a time when  the court is ruled by King Jupiter – generous, joyful, jolly – to the reign of Saturn – cold, fair, serious. Of course, we think of the Christmas season as merry, and so it is. During the 12 days of Christmas from 25 December to 6 January, the world turns upside down, the Lord of Misrule dons the crown. But beneath that, cold Saturn turns the world icy.

In Western astrology Saturn rules lead, but in Vedic astrology he is the ruler of iron. Personally, I think the latter rings with greater resonance. Saturn turns the ground iron hard, whereas lead is pliable. Margaret Thatcher, known as the Iron Lady, had Saturn Rising.

The sign of Capricorn is signified by a curious creature – a goat with a snake’s tail – half mountain climber, half swimmer: seeking the heights and the depths. The magical dictum – as above, so below – applies directly to this beast, and I have noted that an unusual number of western magical practitioners were born under this sign of first winter.

The great mystery held in the stone heart of winter is life itself, burning at the centre of our solar system. How is it possible that in the huge expanse of lightless space, we here on our blue planet are blessed with life? The burgeoning fecund cycle of birth and death, sex and renewal spins its leafy, furry, scaly prickling web around our planet. Why? As above, so below.

Happy holidays everyone!

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