Happy New Year!

Sunday December 31st 2023
Little girl pats her granny's cheek

Lovely Granny. Max Rental

2024 begins with a whoosh of positive energy — and by the end of the month, all planets will be rushing forward into the new era of Pluto in Aquarius. We will all need stamina to keep going into the future, but it looks as if we’re about to be blessed with a little bit of cosmic stardust throughout January.

We’ll be discussing the year ahead in this month’s Salon on Sunday 7 January at the usual time. Zoom link is on the member’s page and in the Horoscopes email. There is plenty to look forward to and to discuss.

Short videos for each sign will be released in mid-January for members. To join click here. Or to go to the member’s page, click here.

Happy, happy New Year!

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