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Sunday January 21st 2024
The Eye of Providence by William Preston

The Eye of Providence by William Preston

They floated by in the night, a romantic vision of young love. She sat sidesaddle and held his waist; her feet crossed, elegant black mules outlined in rhinestones shone in the dark. He wore a charcoal suit, and peddled both of them effortlessly up the hill into the diffusion of misted orange street light.

It was late. The Banbury Road was empty and dark. As I watched them cycle up the hill, I noticed, before they disappeared into the luminous night, that her tiny handbag had one word appliquéd on it: love.

They were almost the last thing I saw  before Pluto left Capricorn just after midnight here.

Pluto in Aquarius brought this dream message: don’t cover your eyes and your ears and your mouth.

What have you seen in the last 24 hours?

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  1. kerstin says:

    Speaking as someone who has their sun at zero degrees Aquarius, these last few months have been unsettling, life transforming. At the moment it doesn’t look good but we will see.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I enjoy the way you see art everywhere!

    I dreamt of and felt a ghost in my house the next night. I suppose the veil was thin.

    But the day after that, my Aquarius spouse received word of a long-delayed benefit finally being approved. Better days ahead!

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Such a treat when life provides this kind of moment. Wonderful description.

    From time to time, the past few weeks, I’ve been sensing a very large flowing – forward it seems, but forward doesn’t really capture it.