Astrology of Now: Heading Into The Storm

Wednesday March 20th 2024

Dune 2: Getting ready to jump on a sandworm

There’s no point pretending otherwise — the next six weeks look tumultuous.

I’ve just been to see Dune 2 on a giant screen — and I have to admit, I was uncomfortable watching a movie about a fantasy war as entertainment, while major wars rage on our own dear, and very real, planet. However, the imagery is stunning. In particular, there are several sequences when various characters have to ride into sandstorms. To do this, they need goggles and other paraphernalia. I’d suggest that in the coming six weeks, we don our metaphorical goggles and maybe jump on our metaphorical sandworms to ride through the cosmic storms ahead.

Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming astrology.

There are two eclipse coming up (25 March, 8 April) — in the signs of peace and war, the other and the self. That is Libra and Aries. Entangled with these eclipses is Chiron, the wound and the healer, pain and salve. At the same time, Mercury the planet of communications will turn retrograde (1-25 April). Meanwhile, Jupiter and Uranus, magnitude and revolution, are heading for their once-a-decade meeting on 21 April. If there’s one thing that’s predictable from this unholy, unpredictableness, it’s change. Change is coming.

  1. First eclipse: Lunar on 25 March. 5° Libra
    About one third of the entire human population will be able to see part of this eclipse, which is centred on the north-western end of South America and sails across the Pacific.
    This is a much softer, emotional eclipse than the one that follows, focusing perhaps on emotions and relationships.
    Libra is ruled by Venus, which will be exalted in the sign of Pisces. Collectively Libra is a sign of peace and justice, negotiations, conversations, justice, courts,  art, beauty and other Venusian qualities. Venus is powerfully placed in Pisces, so maybe there is some hope for a breakthrough in peace talks at this eclipse. It seems unlikely as I write this, but never say never. #ceasefirenow
  2. Mercury Retrograde (1 April-25 April, 27°-15° Aries) Conjoins the Sun 12 April.
    Mercury enters the shadow of its retrograde on 18 March, and does not leave Aries until 15 May. This prolongs the entire effect of the eclipses into May, and makes outcomes even more uncertain.
    Mercury in Aries can be sharp and quick with thought and words, quick to anger, quick to speak, quick to regret. During the retrograde, deals may be renegotiated, reneged on, arms may be laid down, fighting words may be swallowed, alliances may be remade. Mainly, a situation may be quite unclear until at least after 12 April, from which point on it may be possible to start fixing things.
  3. Second eclipse: Solar on 8 April, 19° Aries. Chiron cazimi.
    This Total Eclipse is an absolute humdinger, sweeping diagonally across the United States, Canada and Mexico from the Yucatan to Newfoundland.
    This is the third and last of three solar eclipses that criss-crossed North America in recent years: previously August 2017 (in Leo), October 2023 (in Libra). This bold North American pathway is quite unusual, there are fewer than a handful in the 20th century, and there won’t be another until 2045. Considering that eclipses are said to herald the death of rulers, you might ask yourself who was the Leo king? and who is the Libran court of justice? This one in Aries could be to do with the military or simply leadership.
    At the heart of this eclipse is Chiron — both wound and healer, so it could go either way. One can’t help suspecting though, that multi-generational wounds have already been carved into the soil and souls of Ukraine, Gaza and Sudan, where 8 million people have been forced from their homes.
    On a personal level, this eclipse is very powerful for anyone with planets or angles in Aries or Libra around this point — and truly it could be an opening in either direction — towards healing or a wound. So do be careful on this day. Don’t put yourself in a risky situation — wear your bicycle helmet, keep your head, don’t go crazy. Chiron has been going back and forth over this area for months now — and, in fact, at the last eclipse in October it was at 17° Aries. So you may find that a thorn that became embedded then, is extracted now. This eclipse could well be an opportunity to let go of pain — whether that’s physical, or emotional.
    These eclipses are across the relationship axis, so some of us may be letting go of heartache.
  4. Uranus-Jupiter conjunction on 21 April, 21° Taurus.
    Honestly, I can’t help being excited as well as a little apprehensive about this important conjunction, coming hard on the heels of the eclipses. Jupiter is a planet that magnifies and exaggerates whatever it touches, and Uranus is the planet of revolution and genius. So you can see why the conjunction has been associated with scientific breakthroughs, and last time was a herald of the Arab Spring.
    This is about liberation and breaking free. In the sign of fixed earth though, it does feel tremendous, earth-shaking. The fact is that these two mighty planets are close enough together to be considered in conjunction for the entire period of the eclipses. This makes the whole cosmic cocktail a bit more Molotov than Espresso Martini. I actually think this could be a brilliant beginning for some people — especially if you have a communications revolution to launch, or a currency to create. This is the beginning of a 13-year period that will retain this Uranus-Jupiter in Taurus flavour. This is where some of our most important changes will take place — let’s hope some of that is around how we interact with Planet Earth, since this is the sign most closely associated with Gaia herself.

    I will be discussing this further with my colleague and friend Anne Whitaker at the April Salon. She is an expert on this particular conjunction and  wrote a book on it last time round. Do bring your questions. I will record this one for members of The Oxford Astrologer and send it to you via newsletter also.

The way it may work out for some of us is that the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde clear the way for a new beginning at the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. So strap on your goggles, jump on your sandworm, let’s drive into the storm, and be ready to make adjustments as we go along.

For further discussion of some of the upcoming astrology, do listen to the podcast.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Feeling a bit nervous. I will be in the path of totality for the April 8th eclipse.

  2. jlr says:

    As ever, thank you for showing us the glittering threads in the tapestry.

    I have Mars at 21 Aries in the first house. Have just moved to a place for a new job which will have the eclipse directly overhead. And I am sun Taurus, though later degrees. I feel it’s likely something will happen with this new job. Better have my sandworm gear ready!

  3. Karla says:

    I have Venus retrograde at 19 in my First house, opposing Jupiter, and Mars at 19 in my Fourth squaring Jupiter. I’m glad to be polishing a new writing project for the first time in nine years but I decided not to travel to totality to view this eclipse. It does feel like time to hang on to don my best sandworm gear!

  4. Vesta says:

    So I’m in for a time. 🙂
    My AC is 7 Libra. This eclipse will be in my 12H.
    Most of my chart is in the mid-degrees, 19 comes up a few times. So the 8 April eclipse is an important one for me too.
    Uranus/Jupiter conjunct is the interesting thing here. I remember the last one. 2010. They were conjunct at the start of Aries. My 6H. It was life changing. Nothing worked out they way I hoped or I expected, but the thing I had to work on was losing expectations. So that was fun.
    When was the one before that? Feb 1997. Also memorable and life changing. Not in a good way though. 4H.
    Actually… ‘tremendous, earth-shaking’ is right. Hope it’s something nice for a change.
    Look forward to the Salon. 🙂

  5. jlr says:

    You did it again! Headline on NYT 3/25/24, late morning: “U.N. Security Council Passes Resolution for Immediate Cease-Fire”