Category: Pre-Raphaelites

The Autumn Equinox
Today the Sun moves from mutable Virgo to cardinal Libra and the night is as long as the day. It’s one of the four corners of the year, when the season turns and we start our walk to the darkest day of the year. We are at one of the four Cardinal points (0° Libra), a beginning. And this year, [...]
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Art in the Era of Neptune in Pisces
Daydreaming by DG Rossetti I think it’s time I drew your attention to a piece I wrote about Neptune in Pisces and the Pre-Raphaelites. The astrology is pretty exact. Click here to read it.
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Brotherhood of Romantics: Neptune in Pisces Redux
Daydreaming by DG Rossetti London 1848: capital of the largest empire the world has ever seen, a city where the rich live in lace and cream and fripperies, children work as chimney sweeps and bootblacks, where the streets run with sewage, and where everyone is – more or less – for sale. Just [...]
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