Category: Conjunctions

Astrology of Now: Heading Into The Storm
There’s no point pretending otherwise — the next six weeks look tumultuous. I’ve just been to see Dune 2 on a giant screen — and I have to admit, I was uncomfortable watching a movie about a fantasy war as entertainment, while major wars rage on our own dear, and very [...]
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Astrology of Now: Angels, Ghosts & Other Worlds
There are other worlds. Of course there are. We are more, or less, aware of them. If you get down to cat-level and look between blades of grass, a new world opens for you, where a bug is sheep-size and orchids are trees, or look into the heart of an orchid and you are a […]
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i will wade out
i will wade out                      till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers I will take the sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air                                     Alive […]
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