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Astrology of Now: Taking the Long View
We are living through a period of great uncertainty — to put it mildly. And for many of us, great anxiety. What with the looming food crisis, the energy crisis, the general cost of living crisis, the wars, the far right, the pandemic, the corruption and, most importantly of all, the [...]
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Astrology of Now: Dragon Diarrhoea & an Invitation
Talking with a client this morning, a rather unpleasant simile for the coming eclipse popped out of my mouth: “It’s like diarrhoea.” Oops. A bowel evacuation is sometimes nasty, but necessary, especially when you’re getting rid of poison. This coming eclipse, on the [...]
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Saturn in Capricorn: Winter is Coming
This video was made during the one-day workshop held in January by The Oxford Astrology Group here at Trinity College, Oxford. I took a look at the UK chart during the talk as well as touching more generally on Saturn, Capricorn and the shape of 2018. I note that the comment on UK property [...]
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One-Day Workshop: What The Future Looks Like
The Oxford Astrology Group is hosting a day of talks and discussion on the year ahead. By the end of the day, you may have formulated a cunning scheme for riding the lustrous wave of energy that swooshes through 2018. 10am, 6 January 2018, The Sutro Room, Trinity College, Oxford This promises [...]
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In The Key Of Pisces: George Harrison
Today’s musician: George Harrison, the most sensitive Beatle, the one who found God and made a garden — for more on his astrology, click here. He was born either on February 24 or 25, give or take half an hour. But the 24th gives him a Rising Moon. Harrison’s only planet in [...]
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Astrology of Now: Overwhelming
Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces — September 17 Readers of the horoscope will know that the coming opposition between Jupiter and Neptune is the most important aspect this month, influencing this entire period into the next season and possibly the whole year.  For some [...]
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Astrology of Now: Battle for the Throne of Ishtar
“…Syrians and Iraqis are both trapped between dictators on the one hand and extremists on the other. An unhappy choice.” from today’s Economist on-line. Yes, that sounds like the situation for a lot of people — more or less — caught in the crossfire of the [...]
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A Reader’s Question: Could Turkey Need a New Chart?
This is an 11th century map by Mahmud al Kashgari showing the lands of the Kurds, the Syrians and the Iraqis. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons Here is what someone wrote to me. It’s an interesting question. “I live in Turkey and there are some prophecies as well as political theories [...]
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Gaza: The Quality of Mercy
After I gave birth to my first daughter in a London hospital, I shared a room with three other women – a Palestinian, an Israeli, and a London Iranian. No kidding. There was some awkward negotiating around drips, cots, nurses and nappies. But the presence of tiny new babies creates a certain [...]
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The Nation’s Soul
Ted Hughes was best known as a powerful nature poet before he was made laureate in 1984. It seemed like a strange choice; this poet of fox and moor, black-backed gull and deadly pike, above all of wildness, asked to write about the baroque, many-layered, structured, civilised, profoundly tamed [...]
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